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1/9/2011 c4 121orphanedaccount882
wow sucks for dimitri well kinda me to cuz im one of those people that like bothe her and cris and her and dimitri but omg linkin park is my fav band ever and i has New Divide completly memerized anyway good chapter
1/9/2011 c3 orphanedaccount882
this has been buging me y is stan there?
1/9/2011 c2 orphanedaccount882
that was mean of liss but not much of an over reacson and that explains where she was the whole time
1/9/2011 c1 orphanedaccount882
other than u hasing alot of type-o's -i think u should get a beta i would be happy to if u pm me- it was good but what happend to lissa'a bday i liked the go die in hole EMOBOY thing i started laughing even though i've ben told the same thing exepte girl instead of boy throughing fire was an over reaction but a really funny one
12/23/2010 c12 connie
u r FUCKING HILARIOUS dude keep on chuggin
12/7/2010 c12 1talkygirl
again why is every one torchering me with ls i mean i havent even read it read but i will towmorrow when i have it! so dont say anymore!
11/18/2010 c11 supernaturalloverja
i didnt quite understand this story
10/17/2010 c11 7Guardian2Be
LOL last chap rocked! SOO RANDOM!

All the best,

9/24/2010 c1 2PepperTehUnicorn
omg i luv it im hopeing u will make another chappie
9/20/2010 c11 3miss.jenny.lovey.dovey
yup i did like it it was GREAT! ur story was kool... hope you write more of them ^u^
9/16/2010 c11 Jacobs-Number-1
Hey guys I love this story so mush

Jaedon your so coooooool

I really wanted there to be more i was wondering if i could maybe offer to write something?

its cool if u dont wanna but its so sad to see this story end.

i plan to read your other stories as they seem just as funny.


signed, Jacobs-number-1
8/25/2010 c10 Lena-Rae
i luv this :D
8/21/2010 c9 1SoRrOwLoVeScOmPaNy
8/21/2010 c8 SoRrOwLoVeScOmPaNy
8/21/2010 c7 SoRrOwLoVeScOmPaNy
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