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11/19/2009 c9 70Jappa
u forgot to say thnx 2 me 4 helpin u write it... na, i don't care... just... FINISH MY NXT CHAPPIE
11/16/2009 c8 Jappa
Mitchy, I'll finish the next chapter when u finish the nxt chapter. Kay kay, good good,

9/19/2009 c8 6LaylaRisa-RinoaAerithHeartiley
haha awesome very funny! i love it so much! Rose hugs trees haha!
9/16/2009 c3 1VA Lover2009
omg! that was awsume plz UD soon!
9/7/2009 c7 2LittleCullenGirl
Sorry bout calling you maisie it was just a random nick name that i liked so now i am calling you bubbles.
9/6/2009 c7 9Rozablood
9/3/2009 c7 2dimitriesgirl
wow this is good
9/3/2009 c7 Nicole Ozera Ivashkov
Awsome can u please post more soon
9/1/2009 c7 2SammyAvery
good job
8/31/2009 c7 6LaylaRisa-RinoaAerithHeartiley
Awesome! very funny. I loved it really. but please try to update soon though :)
8/31/2009 c7 3His Roza
lol that was funny
8/30/2009 c7 5cuppycake-the-evil-cupcake
tht wasd freaking awsome and nice brooms
8/24/2009 c1 2LittleCullenGirl
hello maisie

havent read it yert but it is in my favs
8/16/2009 c6 zeze90
i cant wait for you to update
8/12/2009 c6 emily
Please write moore 2day!Plus put themon here soon.! story is GREAT!:):)So please write moore today and put it on here please...please..
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