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for Sheppard the Sheppard

4/29/2011 c2 7Alerix Slynn
Please, pretty please update?

This story is really interesting and I'd like to see where you take it :)
8/5/2009 c2 rrandomrandom
Great chapter! John with his little vest.. love it! Well done (:
8/5/2009 c1 rrandomrandom
Hehe, this sounds great so far! Well done (:
7/31/2009 c1 36MonPetitLoupDeMort
Hey, sorry I'm so late reading/reviewing this. Blarg, you know why, but sorry anyway.

It's quite cute, funny, etc. Nice start and keep going strong.
7/31/2009 c1 9The Starplater
hm... look, this story could be hilariously funny, the whole Sheppard as a dog thing is great, but maybe you could leave out the romance?
7/28/2009 c1 Anon
Ha Ha, you should so finish this story, its cute! crack but cute.
7/27/2009 c1 madwhiskey
This is funnier than hell! Please continue! :)

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