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for It Started With Screaming

12/21/2009 c6 3Metal Tokie
Cool! I love your insane Harry, Can you make him sing Habanera next? Please!
10/26/2009 c5 29fragonknight01
This would have worked so much better than JKR killing a Weasley twin, Hedwig and Wolfie. And, it would have set so much better in the stupid book. Please submit this scene to her and have her correct the book.
10/26/2009 c3 fragonknight01
I love that song! I found it used in a Draco/Harry fic; well, actually, it was a Lucius and his grandson fic. But, this works too. I do think that you are doing an excellent job with bringing Voldie back to the 'light'.

I also hate Barney so whatever you want to do to him is fine with me. Maybe Voldie can imperio Charlie Weasley and have him kill the retarted and revolting Baby Bop.
8/5/2009 c1 7Corpium
er... right... torturing voldie w/songs... such as one of Barney's... i can't say i'm opposed to the idea -well that should be obvious seeing as how I posted a one-shot w/that exact idea just last month... hm... Well, if u feel like reading it, it's called The Power of Music, and it happens to include something from Barney; u may already know that, though. Anyway, methinks I'll continue reading.
8/4/2009 c6 20Chakahlah
8/1/2009 c5 Chakahlah
hahaha, brilliant!
8/1/2009 c4 Chakahlah
hahaha, keep it up. I love this!
7/30/2009 c3 Chakahlah
7/28/2009 c2 Chakahlah
Oh this is brilliant!

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