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8/29/2013 c1 Jasmine Scarthing
God, I love this. Alfred is really in character, and good grammar :)
7/12/2011 c4 2Lovely Miss Fyrefly
Absolutely enjoyed reading this. I found it so delightful that I had to share it with my cousin, who is a devout batman fan, we both were laughing quite hard though most of it. Thank you for the giggles. :)
6/21/2011 c4 10The.Asphyxiated.Affair
hahaha comedy at its best :)

My favorite was when Alfred met the 'nice young man', hahaha. I bet scarecrow was a bit wigged out.
3/12/2011 c4 4ollies out
So Alfred meeting Crane in the elevator is gold. xD

That is all.

So happy you're back! 8D
1/18/2011 c4 5ejkQMaO8921635
Alfred! I wonder what

shenanigans he'll get

into next.
1/18/2011 c1 judy
LOL, the first one made me smile , though it sounds like something little!bruce would do. i actually thought it was one from when he was younger...but i realized that it's grown up bruce.
1/17/2011 c4 13HoistTheColours
Alfred met Jonathon Crane in the elevator... and then proceeded to take his Scarecrow mask and put it on his head... wow. That's hilarious. :D If he only knew the signifcance of what he had just done. Poor Crane was probably so flustered by the whole ordeal.

Glad to see you updating again. Keep writing!
9/15/2009 c3 4ollies out

Brucie the Bat stuck on a building.

I love it.

And the xD

More? Please? *puppy dog eyes*
9/7/2009 c3 2Thatsaporkpie
I love this story! It is hilarious. I really do hope you continue. Great job!
9/4/2009 c3 6embrace-insanity
god dang, i love this thing! awesome, awesome, awesome!
9/4/2009 c3 14The Mutant Jinx
Poor Alfred. He doesn't understand why s scream when they see Bruce Wayne without a shirt. Oh, well.

Keep this up! I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.

Alfred will be forever awesome!

9/3/2009 c1 13HoistTheColours
Oh my goodness. This is hilarious.

Nice job so far!

I love that Alfred was so excited about getting a new teapot. Seriously? That's awesome. :D


9/3/2009 c3 15Miz. Jynx
Epic Lol! XD I wonder what Bruce was doing up on that building, heh. Alfred can be just as oblivious as Bruce sometimes. ^^ LOL, the fangirl part really got me. Niceness, update soon!
8/19/2009 c2 6embrace-insanity
man, i love this!

woo! it's cookie party time!
8/19/2009 c1 embrace-insanity
Man Bat.

*high five* Go Alfred!
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