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8/16/2009 c1 131NCISgirl1527
go Aiden
8/10/2009 c1 33California-Italian
Oh my gosh! I feel so horrible that I didn't review for this much sooner! I had no idea you were doing this and I thank you so much. It was amazingly awesome. And I just love how you wrote it and the storyline. I just love the whole thing. DnA's an awesome ship that shoulda never gone. One of the many reasons Lindsey's on my hit list. I'm not a huge fan of hers. lol. Aiden's way cooler. This was awesome. Thanks again!
7/30/2009 c1 127messersmontana
It's well written but I still can't seem to warm up to Danny and Aiden. I do like Aiden but I guess I never saw her with Danny. I hate to admit this, but I always thought she and Don were kind of a cute couple, but if you tell anyone I'll deny it. lol Don will always love Jess and no one else. lol
7/29/2009 c1 24love and petrichor
Cute story! I loved it! Great job :)
7/29/2009 c1 cvfdvdfs
7/29/2009 c1 3pinkbananasmoothie
YAY aid is immense - how come they always kill off the immense characters huh? i was just listenin to walkie talkie man and ive gone all mental & plus now im imagining the previous crack fic of urs is real and we do actually have two very topless gods of men with us.

oh dear - silly grin all over.
7/29/2009 c1 6makemefeelalive
again. a wonderful one-shot.

I miss aiden so much.

Great job with Lindsay's emotions.

I love you.
7/29/2009 c1 457LacytheSilverWolf
Not really an Aiden/Danny fan but I like this. It's good.
7/29/2009 c1 41IluvmyTV-ugottaproblem
*snorts* THAT HILARIOUS! *falls off of chair*

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