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for Hawk's Scream

1/6/2011 c1 HairFan
I liked the part where the hair tumbled over her shoulders
1/6/2011 c1 A Storm Hawks Fan
Oh I'm sorry. I was looking for a Storm Hawks fanfiction, not some wangsty "story" filled with people I don't care about
8/3/2010 c10 vampirebl00dprincess
please, pleeeeaaassssee continue. Itz awesome!
6/22/2010 c10 nighteyeswol
Wow, havn't reviewed in a while, just wanted to say, keep up the good work ^^
6/17/2010 c10 1Lady Snowstorm
omg its been so long since u posted a chapter to any story welcome back
1/14/2010 c9 Lady Snowstorm
nice chappie i can't wait for the next one
12/28/2009 c8 Guest
awesome!Can't think of a better word!
12/28/2009 c8 Lady Snowstorm
thats sad poor james
12/26/2009 c7 Lady Snowstorm
very gd chappie can't wait for the next one
12/25/2009 c6 Lady Snowstorm
very cool can't wait for the next one
11/3/2009 c2 14Captain Jasmine Vanity
OMG. wow. scary...sorta. shouldnt there be a little more screaming? im not one for the scary shit, but this isnt so bad... good job so far though!
11/1/2009 c5 19Heavenly Penelope
sweet chapter! sorry i havent been reviewing lately *sheepish grin* any ways it was an awesome chapter! keep writing
10/30/2009 c5 moodbored
Happy Halloween to you too! we don't celebrate it where i live, I've always wanted to go trick or treating. Anyway, Nice chapter. Update soon.
10/30/2009 c5 5Cowgirls Angel Rita
creepy ending...

hope your halloween is more exciting then mine,

Vowgirls Angel Rita
10/30/2009 c5 1Lady Snowstorm
oh exciting i can't wait for the next chappie...i must say this is slightly more gorey then ur last horror story remember that one i can't remember the title
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