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5/12/2010 c4 1XxXBittersweet DreamsXxX
Damn Riku I wonder how demyx will react to zexions rape story...awsime story I hope you write a lot more
4/19/2010 c4 43JJKMagic
yay, a new chapter! It's great, I love the cute ending :)
3/27/2010 c3 JJKMagic
This story is rather... profound.

I would like to read more of it :)
3/23/2010 c3 10kira1525
Hey. Great Job! I Love The Plot So Far And Where Its Heading. I Also Think You You Got Zexions Personality Down Pat. Great Job!
8/4/2009 c1 24bored spitless
when will there be more for this story? because it's awesome and i like it and i want to read more.

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