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4/4/2013 c1 405Aria Breuer
Finely-written poem.

I like how we can understand what Dustfinger is going through, as he is trapped in our world. I could tell, during the time I was reading this poem, that Dustfinger longs to return home, back into the pages of 'Inkheart'.

You did a lovely job with this poem.

-Aria Breuer
12/12/2012 c1 Erik
This poem really captures what it must have been like for Dustfinger to be trapped here. I like it.
12/30/2011 c1 9Goldencity
This is stunningly beautiful. Love it! The rhyming and words all flow so perfectly. Some of my favorite lines are:

While around me the darkness would whisper

The secrets of silence and desire.

They have forgotten the man whom they played with.

I speak but they do not reply.

Trying to find the path home;

A wanderer with fire and three scars.

Wonderful poem. :)

7/31/2011 c1 12radha24-Dusty's apprentice
Wow . . That was beautiful! I know this is an older story but I really felt like reviewing. It was very in-character, I can imagine Dustfinger thinking these thoughts. It really did make me feel sad for a moment. And the words you chose portrayed the situation even more beautifully. Wonderful poem!

~radha24 :D
1/1/2011 c1 64anotherbuskitten
this is so sad and touching, it makes me want to hug him.
12/22/2010 c1 17InkWeaverabc
oh wow that was amazing! I am feeling silly keeping reviewing your fics and finding nothing to say but various forms of 'oh wow that was great' but I cant help myself! They are all so good!

You have captured Dustfinger so well especially in the lines about being a wanderer looking for a way home... Oh Dustfinger rules!
10/29/2010 c1 8Silvertongue90
I think you capture Dustfinger really well, you can just feel his pain.
4/28/2010 c1 Spock'sGirl57
Sauron, I believe it is high time for me to finally review one of your poems/stories-you certainly deserve it, with all the times you've cheered me up after a long day.

This was a wonderful poem. I liked your rhyming technique-it was creative and easy to follow. I think the reason I enjoyed it was not only because Dustfinger is an AMAZING character, and you're quite a wonderful poet, but also because it contained much emotion-sadness, confusion, bitterness, and determination, all wrapped up in one beautiful, flowing text.

Amazing work :)
3/22/2010 c1 36Ivyshadow
You conveyed much emotion in this poem. That is one of the reasons I enjoyed it. I feel like you really captured Dustfinger's soul in your words, about how he misses home.

One comment about the last line- I can't help myself. Personally, I would have put 'eventually' as the last word. When I read, no matter what I'm reading, I edit in my mind and read it the way I would have written it. So, when I read the last line, even though the words say 'eternally,' I heard 'eventually' in my mind. Just a comment. If you like it the way it is, keep it. It's your poem, after all.

Well done, overall.

12/5/2009 c1 DustfingerFanGirlXD
Hi Sauron Gorthaur-

Wonderful poem! Loved it! It flows very smoothly. And your wording-AMAZING.

Great job-keep up the awesome work!

8/14/2009 c1 50Razzle
Wow, this is really good! I'm not familiar with the setting, but Lysana recommended this poem to me, and I'm glad she did. It's beautiful, and the rhythm is just perfect! I especially love the line "When I stroke them they bite at my fingers" - it really clearly shows the angst of whatever kind of fire-mage, fire-charmer, or whatever that he is. Great poem!
8/6/2009 c1 Deleted Account Pending Remove
Oh, this is so sad! I've never read Inkheart but your poem gives me a very clear - or rather very strong though vague in a dreamlike way - idea of what's going on. Poor Dustfinger! Whoever he is. I think there are a lot of us who are FROM this world of glaring lights and hurry and still feel some of what he's feeling in this poem. How much worse could it be for someone to whom the kind of world he's from is not just a dream but a memory of home?

I love so many of your lines from this: "For fire's a friend day and night." Yes! I understand that feeling!

"But even the memories are leaving.

Nine years is far too long"

There's a world of quiet pain in those lines. This character is a gentle, intellectual soul, isn't he? Or at least having that kind of a moment during this poem.

It think my very favorite part, though, is these lines - obviously about the fires he encounters in our world -

"I speak but they do not reply.

When I stroke them, they bite at my fingers." (I can picture that so clearly! I don't know what he looks like, but I'm envisioning this sad, sort of taken aback face, as he draws back from a fireplace he's been half bending over to try and talk with the flames... No idea what kind of scene you meant but that's what it conjured for me.)

What a poem! What a character you chose to write about! You may have just singlehandedly gotten Inkheart another reader, who would otherwise very likely never have picked it up.

8/1/2009 c1 1Xxdustfinger's-heartxX

This actually bought a tear to my eye


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