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10/5/2011 c9 11Wyntirsno
Sorry it took me soo long to review this, I don't remember getting the update. I liked the chapter, the sarcastic banter between Zack and the twins was great. They finally got to prove their point, and Zack had to eat crow... so to speak.

I really hope Robert is an illusion also.
1/14/2011 c9 93Cerulean Musings
I'm betting that' he's not actually there. It's called the Forest of Illusions for a reason. And I loved how Noah and Patrick basically owned Zack. Great to see this being updated again.
3/6/2010 c8 11Wyntirsno
That was great, I hope they really lost them. Great driving Maddie. :) I was glad to see this update, I really like the elemental stories. Hope you can update soon again.
12/31/2009 c7 Skyz-The-Limit
This was a great chapter. I loved the fact that you made it Zack, Cody, Patrick, Noah, and Sydney the main characters in this story, because there never really is one with the Jackson boys. The forest of illusions, they're finally there. I wonder what will happen. Please update soon.

Happy Holidays!
12/29/2009 c7 Wyntirsno
That was great, I can't wait til you can update again. I really hope Zack doesn't try to mis use the fountain. He could really screw things up couldn't he? Hope you had a great Christmas. Have a great New Years Eve.
10/31/2009 c6 Elemental-Gurl-4389
This was a good chapter too. I wonder what Patrick and Noah actually know. The fights between Zack and Rikku are getting more intense. I love them. Please update soon.
10/31/2009 c6 Wyntirsno
That was good. Was it smart for Cody and Zack to go with the other three after Raf and Julius said they shouldn't? Can't wait for your next chapter, update soon.
9/26/2009 c5 Wyntirsno
Do Patrick and Noah have old souls. Like maybe they have been to the fountain before. They know someone who lost their soul to it. Or, were they channeling some future knowledge from somewhere? Zack isn't going to try and get rid of his element with this fountain is he, even tho he could lose his soul? Update really soon, gotta find out what happens next.
8/21/2009 c4 Wyntirsno
Fountain, hm. Does the fountain give them their powers back? I thought the wolves also glowed, did they not lose their powers too? Are Zack and Cody just that weak without their powers? Update soon, this is good.
8/15/2009 c3 Elemental-Gurl-4389
Update soon. Im liking this so far
8/13/2009 c3 Wyntirsno
Oh man, cliff hanger... Update really soon. Gotta find out if Zack and Cody are ok, did they loose their powers, is that why they got attacked?
8/13/2009 c3 Elemental-Fan
Loved this chapter and I love Breaking Benjamin
8/5/2009 c2 Elemental-Fan
I would've liked it better if you had a chapter centered on Rumiku's powers and if they worked or not. Maybe there's still a time where her powers fail every once and a while then she feels like she can't even help everybody anymore and that there's no point in keeping them? Just a suggestion. Love all the pairings. update again soon
8/5/2009 c2 Elemental-Gurl-4389
Glad Ru is ok, but then again, after two years you would expect her powers to be back to normal. But what's up with the japanese scripture? I hope you describe the concert a little bit, that would be really cool. Please update soon.
8/4/2009 c2 Wyntirsno
This is a great story. Is Zack torn, he really wants to be normal again, but if he is he wouldn't be able to protect his family and friends anymore, right. How will Cody feel when he finds out what is wrong with Zack? Will he feel the same way? Update soon.
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