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2/3/2017 c1 1gabelou1991
2/11/2013 c1 2Paisley13
I'd love to see this go on!
3/20/2010 c1 7Serenity'sVision
1/23/2010 c1 4twilightromance4ever
that was really good. i think at some point you should make a sequel or another chapter that is spike's letter to buffy. but it was really good. even made me cry a little :)
8/17/2009 c1 6NoahLondon
This was such an awesome story. I love how it's not overly mushy, and I also very much enjoyed that Buffy and Spike weren't rushing to each other when she found out he was alive and he found out she knew he was. I feel this is one of the more realistic takes on their 'reunion'. Also, the ending was great.
8/3/2009 c1 6zennjenn
Aah...nice! I love Harmony's character - she's so much fun! I enjoyed your take on the reason why Spike never called her - that sense that they wern't done yet and couldn't be together till they are is a bit bittersweet. Thanks for writing and sharing the story!
8/2/2009 c1 7dara b
I am not gonna lie. I almost cried at the end. It so sad and at the same time so good!I know it is a bit AU but it is also one of the best ends to the Spuffy relationship. I hope you understand what I am saying. I mean, at the end of Buffy Spike is dead and at the end of Angel, in wich our beloved Spike does come back, we still have no actual words about Buffy and whether they will ever be together again. And it feels so wrong, you know?Well, at least to me, as I am a romantic kind of gal. But you fic (and some others here) provide an alternative ending that is good, doesnt change much into the storyline, but makes everything much more bearable.

Congrats for writing. I really really liked it.

8/2/2009 c1 11RaspBerryHats
Very sweet and gentle and totally what Buffy must have thought! Excellent and you should write Spike's response too!

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