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2/14/2018 c78 1lenasti16
I wonder if you will ever get to complete this #Huddy fic...
4/29/2016 c78 G.Queen
is there any chance of you updating this story? please? D
1/10/2016 c78 Guest
pleaseeee update this story
6/1/2015 c78 Guest
Please finish this?! Its such a great story!
6/1/2015 c1 Guest
I need more! where is the end :'(
10/31/2014 c35 Guest
Good story but too much smut
I can deal with smut but this us too much
I guarantee if u tone down the number of smutty chapters u will get more reviews
Also I don't think house is portrayed in the correct way he's looking for emotional connection rather than just sex
8/22/2014 c66 Jess
i really liked the story and i'm sad that it ends before there is a diagnosis about what cuddy has... i was ready it the last 2 days whenever i had the chance...
is there any way that u might finish it sometime?
5/10/2014 c65 23lontanissima
And here they are again calling each other Lisa and Greg :) 20 points for me cause I spoted it :P. Love this chapi!
5/10/2014 c63 lontanissima
The last few chapis was a real blast to read! This one too :)
5/10/2014 c59 lontanissima
Aaaawwwww that was sweet and he said Lisa! Score for me :) love this haha
5/10/2014 c57 lontanissima
3 chapis of smut! Who cant love it? That is amazing! Yeeey Huddy smut!
5/10/2014 c55 lontanissima
"in order not to loose me you run away from me" well that makes perfect sense to me :)
fluuuuuf ;)
5/10/2014 c54 lontanissima
aaaaaaaawwwwww I loved it :)
and I do want to see a moment where he save her with his big hard cane! :)
5/10/2014 c53 lontanissima
wooooooooow! this chapter is truly amazing! Love it so much! every word of if!
great job in this one!
5/10/2014 c52 lontanissima
"Do you know my daughter? Every inch of her" nicely done! :)
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