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for The Enchanter and the five coincidences

9/19/2009 c10 10fred2008
this was about a potions/alchemy lesson and a war of the sweets...don't get it but i can just imagine that happening. well, still don't undertand the plot, but keep up the work.
9/18/2009 c10 MartinDeShade
Best of luck writing, but I can't stand reading all this 1st person inner dialog from an absent minded genius anymore.
9/17/2009 c9 Regres
good story its very amusing please continue c ya
9/11/2009 c9 fred2008
*falls out of chair in shock and mirth before jumping back up like nothing happened* well. that last bit was funny. and that would be extremely weird to see, flight of the potter...*snickers* i can see it now, 'flight of the valkeries' tune going to that. well, keep up whatever this...*gesture* plot is.

A/N answer: tons of people read the whole story to say its crap.*shrug*
9/10/2009 c9 godiva
It is great! But the final conversation disturbs me.
9/10/2009 c9 Him
funny. in a disturbed sort of way.
9/9/2009 c9 alex
you one crazy nigga mang
9/9/2009 c2 4booster-t
You asked " why people are putting alerts on it or even putting it in their favorites (I even have a favorite author and three author alerts in the list…) but don’t leave a review even to just say good work." ... The answer IMNSHO is that folks are lazy ... I know *I* am. I read a story I like and add it to my alerts. To me, that is implicit praise ... but you're right .. I *should* say "well done"
9/9/2009 c8 10fred2008
*forcefully rips into realms, to come back out with a modified headache potion stolen from snapes stores and downs it* this story is giving me a headache just reading it, but it is interesting. so this is all years leading up to book 4 rolled into one right? and the pink, gray, and green magic i just don't get since you introduced it out of the blue...
9/5/2009 c1 5aalens
You REALLT need a beta reader! All the wrongly spelled words and errors of grammar are distracting and really detract from enjoyment of the story. (One wrongly spelled word was quite humorous though - i.e. when you wrote 'treaties' instead of 'treatises'. LOL)

Some sentences do not make sense; I had to guess at what you meant, and while that was very easy in most instances, in a couple of cases it was difficult if not impossible.
9/5/2009 c8 2dazzlar1
Quirky and amusing, I like it.

9/5/2009 c5 Celestial Moonwalker
You just reawakened my sarcastic side. Darn but I don't get much practice with my family, somehow they take it SO completely wrong. I mean why holler from the other side of the apartment when you could come and knock and ask politely? Yeah, they weird like that...

Anyway, I so totally support HJ on his path of greatness. I pity the idiots who wander into his path, they are guaranteed a total mental brake down - no keeping up with the Potter *cackle*
9/5/2009 c1 2Therio
Wow, first time I never made it past the summary of a story. The story sounded like it would have been really really good, going my the summary, but then you had to throw in the line about the pairings and totally ruined it.
9/4/2009 c2 anon
Begging for reviews is such a turn off.
9/4/2009 c2 Mol
Heh... and here I was trying to guess how were you going to solve the whole multiple DADA teachers thingy.

Not sure if the O I'd give this fic would have to stand for 'Oustanding' or 'Original'... I might have to settle for both, I think... (Thumbs up!)

Oh, and Hari -I mean Harry- Seldon? Haha! Good one! Bonus points for that!^^

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