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7/30/2012 c13 Kudou Shinichi
Things just got a little too stressful for Harry. I really like how you had Trelawney with an old leather book. In the face of an overwhelming number of mysteries, ignore all the nonlethal ones. Unfortunately all of the major ones seem lethal. Sirius Black, the imperiuser, the tournament, hogwarts, whoever entered him into the tournament, Dumbledore, Snape, and Lockhart are all serious threats and there is some overlap as well as lesser threats. I'm not sure why he spends his time deconstructing the map when classifying threats and preparing for them seem like a better expenditure of time. Maybe he's underappreciating threats, but I feel like fencing, pranks, etc are not solutions to important problems. While youthful and prone to having fun, he's suitably paranoid to be making plans for abduction, curses, cerberi, etc.
7/30/2012 c12 Kudou Shinichi
Meh I'm sad that they didn't imagine the angle that Flitwick or Mcgonagall couldn't have done it somehow. Why do they get passes? It could also have been a love interest that got jealous or something. Although fat chance Harry would recognize that possibility. Man just when I was going to read about Fleur's opinion on runes, things got heavy? I'll have to see what I was saying about purely psychological stories after sleepytime, but isn't this a very psychological story? Ok maybe one more chapter before bedtime. Although I definitely thought that 6 chapters ago..
7/30/2012 c11 Kudou Shinichi
Oh dang! What an end to the chapter. I totally love the old rune communication. And Harry's commentary. But no one can deny his commentary is what puts this story in the record books.
7/30/2012 c10 Kudou Shinichi
I can see how you incorporated Hermione now. Such disrespect for her intelligence, but it does seem like a trap she would have fallen into. The mystery meat analogy for Harry's wand is too funny. Presumably blood is either an ingredient or used for remote wand matching? Maybe I missed it. Heh unicorn hair and phoenix feathers seem like good expendable parts of their respective animals. Dragon heartstring sounds like a plan for extinction. Nundu shit being popular in Africa makes it seem like Europeans would make fun of Africans for that. I'd imagine that there is some fanfic out there where Harry uses Lily Potter heartstring or less horrifically her hair. So the worst fanfics are ones where Harry gets a crystal-titanium-blood wand with basilisk retinas, king ancient dragon lungs, and the heart of an emperor phoenix that makes him capable of leveling a building. You made a joke, I feel, at those stories with your decision. But it also fits with Harry being annoyed with Olivander. And then it also fits that his wand is suffering some water damage. I'd imagine that there is an inherent limit to how focused wand magic can be. Surely Olivander should advertise that all listed wands provide a foci-measure of within 0.01% of the Azeroth limit or something.
7/29/2012 c9 Kudou Shinichi
I can't tell if those are really his thoughts at the end. It's disconcerting not knowing. Seemingly he changed his mind for 2 hours? Or those are masked-thoughts that will last for 2 hours. I'm pretty sure I would have floo'd the DMLE from the headmasters office if I was assaulted like that. After running my thumbs through his eyes.
7/29/2012 c8 Kudou Shinichi
I wonder why Blaise is looking at him worriedly? Clearly she doesn't have the diary, but then where is it? Myrtle's toilet? And presumably if the spirit of Voldemort is on Quirrel he will realize it. This was an informative chapter, but if runes are so important then why are spells in pseudo-english pseudo-latin? It's interesting that Harry is very experienced in will magic but also has a lot of knowledge about form magic as Blaise alluded to in the hallway. I feel like I should reread this first chapter again about how his subconscious effected his accidental magic with the teddy bear. I like the idea that he becomes very good at animation charms as a result. I can never really formulate my idea of this, but in canon a couple of Harry's first known accidental magics are hair-related (blue teacher hair and overnight growing his own hair) so Harry will become a hair-mage (example of JKs poetry with those examples?). Well just kidding, he'd become good at transfiguration, which gives off the vibe of something I could more easily develop a rule system for.
7/29/2012 c7 Kudou Shinichi
Haha this was an amazing chapter! Dobby, dastardly curtains, a deviant but sensitive staircase, silly silencios, paranoia (I give up on alliteration atm), and the thoughts of an 11 yr old braggart with the talent to match. I find it odd that his paranoia is so developed, but understandably I'm not an emotionally abused child genius. Odd in a good way :) haha. This chapter is really amusing, I'm still chuckling about ninja elves, the pro-muggleborn Quibbler, Hogwarts is clearly female,... I have no idea what I'll do when I get to chapter 18. Anyways there is more evidence of Harry's theories on core exhaustion and magic usage, which I like. Presumably black magic eliminating pain sensors would go a long way towards making people believe that Voldemort is unstoppable or other rituals that would better enable the body to sustain magic rushing back into the core. The gold thing is really clever because it prevents fake currency to some extent, although by itself it doesn't do anything for sickles and knuts. I assume Hermione's charmed galleons had some work around? Maybe galleons are fake gold or only a small amount gold? This story hasn't seen Hermione at all, I wonder if you'll include the troll incident somehow? I doubt they would get along, Harry and Hermione. In this he is arrogant and very intelligent, whereas Hermione has at the very least a superior memory but would not be accepting of someone so unique. Probably even if she was attached to him in some way, he would also desire more space. I bet you had a very extensive timeline you worked with when writing this to ensure you included all the classics. More evidence of your cleverness. I am actually astounded, if you hadn't mentioned that the Harry's thoughts-centric style of writing is more natural for you in one of the early chapters I would assume you were taking more than a week to write these chapters. Are you a professional? Enough rambling and onto the next chapter.
7/29/2012 c6 Kudou Shinichi
I can see how my prediction was very wrong now. I'm guessing the healer is possessed by the diary and lockhart is being polyjuiced. I find it hilarious that Harry gets snuck up on while thinking or is just sitting in class after it ends for a while thinking. It's like an inside joke you're making about your writing style and how you have Harry's thinking being the focal point of the story. I love it. I think I'll take a break a read the story you wrote about how magic works. Even though it will be difficult since the goblet will soon make an appearance. And maybe Umbridge as well. Remus and Sirius have taken a backseat, so presumably they will be coming up soon.
7/29/2012 c5 Kudou Shinichi
She looks really mad now. Both ways. - I died laughing. Holy smokes that is probably a classic joke in some circles, but I'm not sure if I've heard it before. It reminds me of the syntactic ambiguity of 'diary of a mad black woman'. Somehow I just laugh at someone being mad black. Anyways before I was laughing myself to death with your cleverness I was thinking about how you write. And I love it. I think I appreciate it more because I was reading a hp fanfic that was descriptive, but unoriginal, and a bit unexciting. Whereas this offers descriptions about how someone thinks, which is so natural, but is probably very difficult to achieve in practice. Natural in the sense that I reason and think like that I suppose, but when you attempt to communicate to others how you are thinking you probably disregard the how and paraphrase the what (of what are you thinking). Communication is probably better this way, because I have a more difficult time recalling what happened in this story because it's tangled up in what was Harry thinking at the time. That said this is the type of story that is readable multiple times because it is both exciting and more complicated than your average bear.
I'll have to read some of your other stories to get a feel for it. I absolutely adore the interaction with Daphne. I could be wrong and as you noted about my early story predictions I am probably prone to incorrect guesses about the story, but it seems as if Harry was flrting in a boyish way where they annoy the girl they like without knowingly annoying her because he likes her. Daphne probably feels frustrated because those army men are probably a little painful, a lot annoying, and it's compounded because it's probably difficult to figure out what Harry's thinking given his unique outlook and non pureblood mannerisms. He flirts with her and annoys her, so it makes it difficult for her to determine that he's not just being mean. Also I almost forgot to compliment you on the Marauder's Map dialogue. The descriptions of how the magic worked combined with how Harry was thinking about it and making deductions about it was inspiring and made me giddy with excitement.
7/29/2012 c4 Kudou Shinichi
Not sure if I understand what all the colors of magi mean. I can intuit to some degree, but I doubt they'll be clearly defined at some point. Your rambling style is fun. Stream of consciousness style. I like it.
7/29/2012 c2 Kudou Shinichi
I was a little flustered with the feeling of rapidly learning a lot of new information, but after getting adjusted to your style I am very excited. This is the first time I've read a story with a high density of canon stories. I'm sure some exist, but this one comes recommended and seems very interesting. Presumably Quirrel and the Diary owner work together, Black unknowingly helps them, and the Polyjuiced imposter is distanced but is important as well. Umbridge probably won't matter much and Snape will be very annoying. This is an early prediction, so I hope I'm surprised.
5/28/2012 c18 1Bob Schwartz
I was reading this rather voraciously, so when I got to the end of chapter eighteen and tried to click the 'next chapter' button, I died a little inside when it wasn't there.

This is so good. So. Damn. Good. Harry's personality, thought process, arrogance, and talent mix with all these other great elements to make this into one of the most awesome, entertaining stories on this site. It's one of my most favorite magic systems ever. Any issues I've sensed are willingly repressed because my suspension of disbelief has been long broken. Please, please don't quit this story.
5/11/2012 c6 icyheadsh0t
Its cool but it doesn't really seem to be going anywhere to me. It may be going some where and I am just not seeing it. But cool story.
2/6/2012 c18 Malix2
This is a really funny and great story, it's sad that it hasn't updated in like 16 months I think. :(
1/24/2012 c2 2lip123456789
please keep ip the fantastic work!

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