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for The Enchanter and the five coincidences

1/24/2012 c1 2lip123456789
great book please continue it!

harry is super cool!

dont give up on this story it is amazing!

10/31/2011 c2 1kelwin
Hi good fic. but i just can't read it. i don't really like things in first person much.
8/4/2011 c18 Guest
I enjoy your style of writing greatly. It reminds me of a chesire cat .KEEP GOING.Sam.
7/15/2011 c18 1Joe Lawyer
After reading 18 chapters or so of this story, I have to say it has some interesting moments. There are a lot of complex thoughts expressed, more often than not in a tongue-in-cheek manner. Harry is definitely interesting, but I can’t help but feel kind of sad for him at the same time. He’s not exactly a person who seems to take a lot of joy in life in this AU incarnation, nor does he seem to have all that much control over his own life. It’s hard to say whether he realizes how little control he has, or that if he does realize it that he doesn’t take many explicit steps to wrest that control for himself. Or what little control anyone can truly have.

Your writing style which you’ve commented on before is difficult to follow at times. I enjoy a healthy internal monologue as much as the next guy, but there were times when a question was asked and we had 3-5 paragraphs of internal thought before there was an answer…by which time I couldn’t quite remember what they were originally talking about.

Harry’s magical development is another thing I’m uncertain about. If he is so terribly bored here in school, I really feel like he is wasting his time. He needs to either read up through the end of Hogwarts 7 years on his own or seek out some kind of apprenticeship with an enchanter. If he is as talented as you write in the story, a master enchanter would jump at the chance to train such a talented future craftsman. That kind of individualized training could only be a boon for Harry.

Well thanks for an interesting read.
7/15/2011 c10 Joe Lawyer
One of the biggest problems with Harry being made into a genius rather than the retarded, easily manipulated fool he is normally portrayed as in canon is that it never quite makes sense why Harry continues to go to Hogwarts and deal with all the drama and people trying to kill him and trying to control his life. Regardless of what may be prepaid, he would probably be served best by leaving the country and going to another magic school. He’s quite rich as it is and could easily hire a solicitor to seek his emancipation and recover the tuition already paid. The real problem is that very, very rarely is an author of fanfiction willing to do all the hard work of creating a new school and new original characters and new subjects. With how well you create and talk about magical theory, though, I think you would have been one of the few who could have pulled it off.

I’m a little disappointed. Genius Harry would have left Hogwarts and probably would have already had the Dursleys thrown in prison for child abuse. Make sure it gets in the paper and/or on TV and no amount of obliviating and hiding the evidence will cut it.
6/11/2011 c6 AnAddictedReader
You know, I can't even understand how anyone can read this. There is no order to this fic. It looks like you just put in whatever that popped in your head and fits. Still, at least your fic is unique since I have yet to find one similar to this.
5/10/2011 c18 notyou
This fic is fantastic, so delightfully refreshing in comparison with the big mass of average fics. Don't stop writing. Please.
2/7/2011 c18 Wizco
Please don't stop.

The Drones need you.

They look up to you.

A small piece of 'Alpha Centauri'-related madness to say that I like your story and that I'd enjoy reading more of it.

It takes a little thought to follow, but the way you write is great and brings jokes in a far better way than most other forms of written comedy. In my opinion at least.

Don't have anything negative to say really, except for bitching about chapter length. It's decent, but the story is so good I want more, if that makes sense.


1/31/2011 c17 3Kimkrys
12/31/2010 c12 12Kur0Kishi
its a right good story, but it keeps feeling like someone is ranting, and all in all not really making sense thus giving me a headache. you could've portrayed your harry's uniqueness in a more organised manner. good god, i need to take a nap, my head still hurts from reaeding the mess. nonetheless, its still VERY funny and a good read.
12/7/2010 c16 mattemo153
in the last paragraph u say "and just as the pieces of would are carved by the crafter" i think you meant wood not would

just trying to help :) great wonderful funny random story! i love it and all of harry's quirks!
12/3/2010 c18 Anon
Very nice. The plot can be improved slightly. The grammar and punctuation problems can be solved by being betaed. The thing I must commend you for is your style of writing; It's incredible. Keep up that good work.
11/22/2010 c7 1Kwisatz Haderach
I give up... I gave your story a chance, but it simply bores me. The chronic lack of proper dialogue annoys me. I feel like I am reading your fantasy on how you would be Harry Potter, just mumbling about being awesome all the time without anything of consequence happening. Good luck with the rest of the story. Chapter 1 had a lot of potential and left me wanting for more, but the rest just doesn't appeal.
10/29/2010 c5 ro
nice chapter.
10/18/2010 c18 dudette
Odd mods you did there. But I like them so Ill let it slide. Just this once.
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