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for Who Will Pick You Up When You Fall Down

6/30/2010 c8 114Ellie 5192
Loved the update. Well done. I really like the way you examine the situation from Jack's point of view- very detailed and very insightful.

Keep up the great work! :)
6/29/2010 c8 LadyMo
Short but sweet. Poor Jack. He survived. It might take time but he will be okay. He will.

6/29/2010 c8 Lightwolf
Great stuff! Can't wait to read more.
6/28/2010 c8 Yol
Great story, just had to re-read the previous chapter to see where it was left off. Enjoy this story and glad you came back to it. Please update soon, okay?
6/28/2010 c8 irishbird1
This is a lovely story, Please try to keep Jacob in it. I'm really enjoying the bond between the Jack and Sam. And also between Jacob and Sam, and the respect Jacob has for Jack.
6/28/2010 c8 2Morgan Le Fay98
I love your story. You are a great writer. Please update soon.

6/27/2010 c8 5Becksified
oh my gosh! :D. i didn't want this chapter to end! You're such a good writer :), can't wait for the next one.
6/27/2010 c8 pain in the mikta

Things are looking up!
6/27/2010 c8 68MajorSam
THANK YOU for finally coming back to this! I had to go back and re-read it all, and I can't wait for it to keep going! It's wonderful! Aaaah the angst!

6/27/2010 c8 143ALIMOO1971
Great chapter, please up date soon
6/27/2010 c8 sn855850
This may be short but it is fantastic! I cannot wait for the next chapter. Keep up the great work.
6/27/2010 c8 93VGWrighte
Great addition.
6/27/2010 c8 Entilzha
Thanks :)
6/27/2010 c8 Channach
I totally love it! Please donĀ“t stop :-)
6/27/2010 c8 12remerkaba
That was really touching. The "missed you" and all. Well done. Ok so now you have me hooked... is there going to be more soon?
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