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5/12/2020 c22 Guest
good, like this
5/12/2020 c2 Guest
10/8/2014 c12 A
Thank you for uploading! Even though my review comes in 2014, I still hope that you can see it and feel encouraged. Your work is definitely appreciated and I do love how you portray Cam and John. They sound really real to me. Now I keep picturing how they would have acted in the TSCC if the plot was your story line. Again, thanks for the wonderful work!
11/12/2010 c27 JoeJoe
Enjoyed the series. Well done.
11/11/2010 c14 JoeJoe
Great story.
5/20/2010 c27 Smierc
Jamaron all the way.

Well written, thank you.
4/5/2010 c27 CS
Just read all 27 chapters. Loved them all with chapters 16+18 being my favs.
12/3/2009 c27 24olischulu
Really nice.
12/2/2009 c27 Renderer
Very nice! Short and straight to the point :)
12/2/2009 c27 TK-MR
A great way to say thank. LOL
11/24/2009 c22 Atoz
Ah! I like these.
11/22/2009 c23 4finaldragon13
poor alison, but yay of the jameron!
11/22/2009 c21 finaldragon13
more jameron is of the good
11/22/2009 c15 finaldragon13
um what the point in the limit?
11/22/2009 c14 finaldragon13
this is very good
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