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for Jonny to the rescue?

8/5/2009 c1 3Sally Jonson
It was pretty good! But a I few things I want to say. First of all, who exactly IS Jonny? I mean, it would be a little strange and suspiciously convenient for a pop up of a "main character" to suddenly spring into action and save the day when we have no idea really of who he is. It just seems a bit TOO convenient. And besides, Peter Pan is supposed to be the ONLY one who has ruled, intimidated, and enchanted Neverland. J.M.Barrie himself said this. And another thing, I think Peter and Chrissie got a little too close a little too fast. I mean, each knows they love the other, but they're still shy about it. And while Peter still fights the desire to not grow up, Chrissie thinks of others more than she does herself, and I don't think she would want anything to do with embarrassing poor Peter by getting too cozy with him. And there's an innocence about the whole thing between them that makes it sweet and you WANT to hear more about it. So, there's my opinions and I hope to help you with them. Thanks! =D

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