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1/10/2016 c8 TheRoseKush
I dare Edward, Al and Inuyasha to be subjected to the "Cat Fist" training technique (From Ranma 1/2)
and for Ranma to watch :)
5/16/2014 c8 MimiDraven
Could you get Ogichi ( Hollow Ichigo ) to give Ichigo a piggyback every where (Ogichi always says hes the horse after all) and give byakuya, sesshomaru and ulquiorra double expresso coffee. Could you get Inuyasha and Ichigo to swap swords and try to dual each other

Also could I be a guest I'd really like to appear in one of your chapters.
3/15/2014 c8 KurosakiItsutai
Hello. Our name is really HanyouExorcistAlchemist48. Long story. We have a dare from each sister.

Kasai(Trans: Fire): I dare Inuyasha to run around on all fours for the whole chapter.

Aozora(Trans: Blue Sky): I dare Ed to dance and play in a pool of milk.

Ketsueki(Trans: Blood): I dare Ichigo to make out with Zangetsu.

Yuu(Trans: Gentle): I dare Ichigo, Inuyasha, and Ed to each read a M-rated yaoi fanfic about themselves and their worst enemy. I also ask: can you add Allen Walker, Kanda Yu, and Lavi Bookman, even though they aren't from the three animes? And can we join? It would be fun.
9/25/2013 c4 AngelinaUchiha
Oh could u have inuyasha kiss airiana
9/25/2013 c2 AngelinaUchiha
Hey can u please bring my oc Airiana Skyla on she is a dragon slayer and wants to meet inuyasha please oh if u watch fairy tail bring natsu dragoneel on he is airianas big brother oh airiana loves inuyasha
6/19/2013 c8 Narusasuyamikizz
To add to the dare I will let you know that I am a girl. And for the next part of the dare they all have to sing and dance to I'm alive by becca. And put in Claude and Sebastian from kuroshitsuji to punch out kagome and kikyo through five walls. Yeah I really don't like them. Good chappie hope you update soon.
6/13/2013 c8 Narusasuyamikizz
Okay I dare inuyasha and sesshumaro to reinact the scene from naruto when sasuke leaves the village and sakura tries to stop him and gets knocked out. Ooo with inuyasha as sasuke and sesshumaro as sakura. Oh and Ed and Roy and Ichigo and toushiro have to do the same. When the sakuras( Roy , sesshumaro, and toushiro ) wake up they have to punch the sasukes( inuyasha ,Ed , and Ichigo ) into a wall and then each make out for about 20 minutes or a little less. Oh and for this one inuyasha gets to punch kagome through a wall for getting sit so many times. Can you please include me in the next chapter. Oh and you sweetie can punch and through kikyo of a cliff and drop an atomic bomb. I look forward for you updating . See ya. Ps. I hate kagome that's why .
3/2/2013 c8 4Hells-Will-88
ok i want to be in the fic and i want to borrow hitsugya-chan and edward-kun for a chapter or as long as you can spare them and if you cant spare them for a whole chapter then i want them to be my slaves for the rest of the chapter and i want inuyasha to go to azein-no-baka and say while sticking his tonge out at him 'ilove kagome' 5,000 times and i want kagome to kiss ichi-kun the whole time inu-kun is doing that please and thank you oh and i almost forgot i want all the girls that means you me and takara along with the other girls to sing trick me to the perverts in there respective animes/mangas please and thank you(oh and dont include this in the chapter as part of the letter but when there my slaves i want them to have to both make out with me please at some point in the chapter)
9/26/2012 c8 Future Nekomata
Question for all! Who is your favorite Touhou character? Also, as the almighty and benevolent author, can you bring those characters in?
9/14/2012 c5 Treesong
Can you bring me in so I can glomp Al? He's my favorite...
8/22/2012 c8 majishan
i laughed SOO hard on every chapter and my mom was at my side with a WTF look, i had to tell her that i'm not going insane...
6/30/2012 c8 rya-fire1
*laughs maniacally* hmm i do admit this story did have me laughing at some things. although if you add Yu Yu Hakusho to the mix, it would be delightful mayhem and chaos. Speaking of Yu Yu Hakusho, I was hoping if you could perhaps let Hiei-kun spar with either Inuyasha or well Ichigo. I think Inu-kun is the better choice in that though. However I'd love to see Ichigo in a swashbuckler's outfit. Hmmm Edward...*evil smirk* what should i have your dare be...Aha! You dear Edward will have to confess your feelings about Winry to Winry herself. I admit for a kitsune im not that evil. Your're lucky...
4/7/2012 c8 kagome lover 4 ever
ok i love this and i have same stuf

1) kouga shows up and asked kagome to marry him

2) kagome says yes and has a heated mack-out scen

3) sessy shows up and bitch slaps inuasha

4) kikyo shows up and you all take her clay makes cool clay pots

5) bring roy and hackeye(?) back and have him ask her to marry him and her say yes

6) bring back mirkru

7) bring in naruto and pinky and have naruto did his sexy jutsu (how would mirckru react?)

let the games begin
8/16/2011 c8 The Umichi Twins
(we kinda forgot what we called ourselves but i think it had the word Dagger in it)

Miyako: I CHANGE MY MIND. Kagome kissing edd on the cheek isn't enough. I wan't a full blown make out.:3

Kaoru: MIYAKO-NEESAN... ./. isnt that a bit much?

Miyako: ... no. DO IT KAGOME-SAMA DO IT. Oh, and can we have Miroku come in and have Kagome kiss him too? I'm goin' all out ^^

Kaoru:... Gomenassai, Inuyasha-sama.
8/14/2011 c2 1mangamichelle12
I still can't wait 4r u to update :)
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