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for The Traumatic Deaths of Certain Marvel Characters

8/16/2009 c10 20StarFixation
This story was so macabre, i wish it was a bit longer ^_^
8/10/2009 c9 30Fenix Uzumaki
Actually, this would be a very interseting LONG story.

"Kurt poofed in and out of random rooms, looking for Kitty. “I vonder vhere she vent,” he muttered. “Oh vell,” he poofed outside and started in the direction of his friend’s house. His parents had sent him a plane ticket so he could visit for the holidays, and he had gotten a ride to the airport with his classmate. He disappeared again, intending to end up at the kid’s house, but something went wrong. He blinked and water filled his eyes. He had somehow managed to end up several feet under the ocean’s surface. He started swimming upward. Abruptly, a movement in the corner of his eye caught his attention. He glanced in the direction it had come, preparing to forsake swimming and just poof back to shore. It was some strange sea creature, and it was heading straight for him. Frantically, he tried to teleport, but found that he couldn’t."

Yes, I have quoted you. THat would be an interesting story. I swear it would. I would love to read it. Everything else in this story TTDoCMC...WTF?

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