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8/21 c135 translucent steeds
another post-vacation reward: a new chapter! keep it up :)
7/19 c134 translucent steeds
well there was a little twist, I always thought Theo had a small crush on Ariella but I guess not! can't wait for the next chapter!
7/10 c133 translucent steeds
ohhhh damn I come back from vacation and see this update! I think I know where this is headed but I hope I'm wrong :O thanks for all your work!
6/20 c132 translucent steeds
I was wondering about her same question myself :O keep it up!
5/24 c131 translucent steeds
I kind of figured that was going to be how it panned out (though not the exact mechanism). :( can't wait for more!
5/22 c131 The Emerald Doe
I hope that once Ariella and Draco are out, they seriously look for ways to free her! She’s been through way too much :(
5/22 c131 16310868letsgo
Okay, I'm confused. So they are saying that only Draco's father can release her? I still wanted to know why would he do this to her?

Lucius did a cruel thing to her. He threatened to rape her many times.
5/22 c131 31White Squirrel
I've never understood why the bond requires the Servant to render sexual...services, when the Master himself doesn't want them. Has there ever been an explanation for that? It seems like that should be fairly easy to get out of, because why should the Master be subordinate to the bond itself? (Or, if it's demanding them because of Lucius's orders/desires, how does he benefit?)
5/14 c130 translucent steeds
short but sweet! I like how they were giving Harry crap for using his status to influence a trial but he literally never did that before lol. keep it up!
5/13 c130 White Squirrel
So, I'm going to level with you: I will be disappointed if Ariella isn't freed at the end of this (or at least seriously investigating freeing her). In fact, I was half-expecting Draco to insist upon it on the spot to Lucius after Voldemort was killed. Plus, I don't think Harry and his friends have forgotten how they saw her treated over the years.

Likewise, I will be *very* disappointed if Ariella doesn't get off outright at her trial. And if they're true to character, I expect Harry, Hermione, or both should be even more aggressive than Harry in this chapter about making sure she isn't punished.
4/26 c129 Heather
Happy to know that the story is not ending soon..
Waiting for new updates
4/24 c129 translucent steeds
oh damn! can't say I was expecting that :O can't wait for the next chapter!
4/18 c128 translucent steeds
ohhhh damn we're almost there! do you have plans for after the books end? or, a sequel? can't wait to find out!
1/23 c127 translucent steeds
ohhhh we've reached the endgame! can't wait for the next update!

(also FYI it's spelled "sleeve" ;) )
12/26/2021 c126 translucent steeds
poor babies! :( I was starting to worry you'd lost motivation in this story since we haven't had an update in a while. good to see a new chapter! keep it up!
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