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for When hearts are attacked

8/11/2003 c1 Neo
I think that this story is really good and I would enjoy finding out what happens to Android 18 and everyone.
3/18/2003 c7 1Destiny Calls Home
hey this is a great story so please update soon!


Son Pan
8/24/2002 c7 20Wind2
OMG YOUHAVE TO WRITE MORE SOON! This is such a cool fic! The drama is great! UPDATE SOON! I'M BEGGING YOU! ::gets down on hands and knees:: please please please update soon!
8/13/2002 c6 8Zion
This is a real good story! ooh bad boy vegita! Hurry and update soon, girl! I don't live forever!
7/30/2002 c5 psymaster13
It's really good so far, but there's not too much action/adventure in this fic. Try to update as soon as possible.
7/29/2002 c5 VTSFY lazy and won't sign in
O.O Ohhhhh... My... God...

This is sooooooo weird, and good! Weirdly good! Goodly weird! Awww, you know what I mean! Keep it up!
7/17/2002 c3 Veronica Serrano
Hey I'm supersaiyan117 and I was just wondering if you can send me the rest of your story called "When Hearts Are Attacked" so I can read chapter 4.Its a really getting good. Well thanx c ya!


(a.k.a.Veronica Serrano)
1/9/2002 c2 12Sylver Secret
This really good, I like the original characters. The Hercule/18 thing kinda threw me, but its still good. Its kinda hard to read tho, i think u need an editor. *cringes waiting for author to throw something at me* but its goood! :)

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