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10/9/2009 c16 35StardustNyako
Evil rocks . . .Nice survival tip Vincent XDNice chapter!
10/2/2009 c16 11kururu418
Nice chapter. bombs are always fun.
10/1/2009 c16 4BetaWriter
Cool, explosions, healing, bomb, woot! I just don't get the title...?
9/26/2009 c15 35StardustNyako
Aw, Blaze is scared! Ises is gone and there is a clock! That's alittle much to kill a book reader isn't it? This . .. is bad. Great chapter!
9/26/2009 c14 StardustNyako
Oh . . Poor Roy . . .Ah! That wasclose!when opposites unite . . .I think I know what Roy meant . . . Nice chapter!
9/25/2009 c13 StardustNyako
. . .That is one strange dragon . . .SAVE THE COWS! Ises is very cruel . . .Hori's fighting too! ZOMG Angry dragon! Cool chapter!
9/25/2009 c12 StardustNyako
Oh my, the true definition of frog in your throat O_O Arrogant little boy . . .Ah yes, Everyone loves explosions!Noe? Don't you mean now? Unnessesary scream much Hori? Awsome Dioga spell woot! Their trapped and about to suffer brain damage! Dinemo saved them! Great chapter!
9/25/2009 c11 StardustNyako
i'm not sure if I should be happy for CJ or nott . . .While I consider this, SQUIRTLE, USE WATER GUN!

A Squirtle appears and water gun's Maxwell's burns.

Maxwell: -Silent-

Me: Ah yes, Hamsters and guinea pigs are indeed sickly evil . . .WOAH! DARK ICE FOX! THAT'S CLEVER CREATIVE AND AWSOME! WOOT! Bwuahaha they got away! Great chapter!
9/25/2009 c10 StardustNyako
Like the stone of Moonlight, I gets it! And yes, gets was intentional :P Skye, Revenge makes you no better than. Aw! -Hugs Maxwell- It's OK!


Claire: Yeah well life is a bit-shock- QHO THE HELL DID THAT!

Natsumi: It's all part of the Kleaning Klaire Kampaign- It sounds more evil as K than C

Claire: Dom it all!

That was a close one for Skye! Who I wonder . . .Nice chapter!

Natsumi: Nice . . .We must make Claire nice!

Claire: Where are my Mafia books . . .I MUST HAVE THEM!
9/25/2009 c9 StardustNyako

Me: I WAS GETTING TO THAT, SHUT YOUR COCKY MOUTH UP! I'm a freshman with homework, nuff said

Maxwell: -Silent-

Me: No Maxwell! Don't let those emo suicide thoughts get to you, You are NOT a reject!

Maxwell: -Silet-

Me: Why yes, yes you did have an epic wall pose with hostage! Very good!

A rock? For what? Interesting chapter!
9/19/2009 c14 1LaZy-RaIn-DaNcEr
This seems like an interesting story. I'm curious about whats gonna happen next X P Hope you like my character : )

Mamodo Name: Kai

Age: 16

Spellbook Color: Silver

Power: Speed/Wind

Alignment: Good/Neutral.

1.) Kazedron- unleashes a wind blast from his hand

2.) Chisokumera- increases Kai’s speed ten-fold, like he’s running on air

3.) Kazesaimon- uses his arms to make wind slashes that can cut almost anything

4.) Kazeshi-rudo – makes an impenetrable shield of wind that surrounds Kai and his partner/friends

5.) Maxchisoku- makes Kai even faster, lasts longer than chisokumera. Makes a tornado when he runs around his opponents

6.) Giga Kazemaron- creates a giant sword made of wind that swings down at his opponents

7.) Dio Kazeron- creates two swords of wind that Kai can use in battle

8.) Gigano Kazemon- makes a huge gust of wind that will allow Kai the ability to fly for a certain period of time

Appearance: Short spiky black hair, sapphire blue eyes, and slightly tanned skin. Both ears are pierced with silver stubs. He’s 5’7 and skinny. Always has the “I don’t care” look , will usually have a serious face but occasionally will have a smirk on his face if something either amuses him or goes his way.

Outfit: He wears a sleeveless light blue tank top with a short sleeve dark blue jacket over it that reaches slightly above his waist. He wears black pants that end about mid-thigh and blue and silver sneakers.

Personality: He’s very laid-back and lazy. Kai doesn’t care at all about being the king but tries anyway because Haley is so passionate about it. Despite his lazy exterior, Kai is really smart and is known as a genius in the mamodo world. (Something that Haley always has a very hard time believing) Most of the time he’s serious and uncaring about what’s going on. The only time Kai actually shows a change in emotion is regarding his bookkeeper. Though he hates to admit it (or when someone points it out) he’s actually very protective of his partner. If someone hurts her, Kai won’t show any mercy towards them. She’s the only girl Kai doesn’t find annoying. (Most girls usually like to nag him, yell at him, boss him around, and some even flirt with him. Haley was the first girl he met that never tried any of that so she has his respect though now and then he will call her annoying.)

Partner's Name: Haley

Age: 16

History: As a child Haley had to move around a lot because of her parents’ jobs so she never had a chance to make many friends. Because of this she kind of grew up by herself and this left her very lonely as a child. She’s originally from America but moved to Japan on a scholarship. (It doesn’t matter what school you have her go to) She now lives in an apartment by herself while her parents continue to work in America and send her money.

Personality: Despite growing up by herself, Haley is very cheerful, loud, and happy-go-lucky. She also has a shy side when she’s around strangers/people she doesn’t know. She has a very kind heart and will always help someone in need. She’s very smart, always making all A’s in school but will never act arrogant. Even though they’re complete opposites, Haley and Kai get along very well most of the time. Haley can see Kai has a lot of potential and knows he would be a good mamodo king so she tries to motivate him to fight. Haley thinks he’d be a better king compared to all the other bad mamodo they’ve faced. She’s not opposed to the mamodo battles and sees it as a challenge, an adventure to meet new people. Haley is pretty tomboyish, hates to wear anything girly, and hates crying (because it makes her feel weak).

Appearance: Haley has long red hair that’s always in a ponytail, hazel eyes, and light skin. (She doesn’t tan lol) She’s 5’8 and has a healthy figure. (not too skinny but not fat either)

Clothes: Haley always wears casual clothes, usually bright colors. Most of the time she’ll wear t-shirts, shorts, and sandals. During school, she’ll always wear shorts under her skirt because she hates wearing skirts.

Other: Haley always gets teased for her red hair which usually gets her involved in fights. She knows karate and judo, so Haley can take care of herself. But one day, Haley got cornered in an alley by a bunch of guys. She tried to fight back and even beat up a few of them but it still wasn’t enough. When it seemed like it was over for her, Kai showed up and beat up the guys attacking her. Before she had a chance to thank him, Kai passed out from hunger so Haley brought him back to her apartment. She gave him food and took care of his injuries. While he was asleep, Haley found his spellbook in his bag and it began to glow. Before Kai could stop her, Haley read the first spell which caused released his spell power. Kai expected Haley to freak out and call him a monster but instead she asked him how he did it and called him cool. Completely thrown off by her comment, Kai told Haley all about the mamodo battle and how each mamodo needs a human partner. And since she could read his book, Haley must be his partner. Haley agreed to be his partner, saying it would be a great way to pay him back for saving her earlier plus she thought it would be fun.

Kai is the first friend Haley has ever made, so she’s very passionate about the mamodo battles. Haley will do whatever she can to protect his book, including getting herself injured. No matter what she’ll never surrender the book which will usually motivate Kai to fight harder because he doesn’t want her to get hurt more.

Another thing about Haley is the main thing she drinks is soda (coke) because she hates drinking milk, tea, coffee, and she doesn’t like drinking water very much.
9/19/2009 c14 VeryLazyPeople
Sorry for not reviewing for a while, it's just difficult and annoying to send a review without using computer.. :)

Nice chapter btw! Roy seemed to have a bitter experience in the past, didn't he?
9/13/2009 c12 Iostorm
I realize that it is very hard to write a long chapter. Your chapters aren't too short, I think that five pages maybe should be the minimum, maybe four to four and a half, and if you feel uninspired, maybe a three-and-a-half pager, that is if you feel like you've gone as far as you can go. I've written anywhere from 3 to nearly 12 pages (for one of them) for my chapters. So as long as you have at least 3 and a half pages, then the chapter isn't too short. Your writing style is good enough that chapter length isn't too much of an issue. By the way, thanks for using Rakete in this chapter. Happy writing!

- Iostorm.
9/12/2009 c11 Iostorm
If it's not too late, can I submit a fan mamodo (or two)? You can do whatever you want with either of them.

Mamodo: Rakete

Spell Power: Explosions/Pyrotechnics/Mechanical Actions


(1.) Bogur (lvl. 1 projectile)- Rakete punches towards his opponent and an invisible ball of wind fires at the opponent. The invisible wind ball causes a massive explosion when it hits the opponent.

(2.)Bogushield (lvl. 2 shield because of its power, but as for its durability, it is only a little bit stronger than a lvl. 1 shield)- A massive metal shield forms in front of Rakete. The shield absorbs all low to mid level energy/ projectile spells and Rakete can fire out the concentrated energy as an invisible projectile of wind that explodes with twice the force of the absorbed energy. When the shield breaks, the projectile is launched automatically. If the shield has not absorbed any spells, then the shield fires out a regular Bogur spell automatically when destroyed.

(3.) Ganzu Bogur (lvl. 1 projectiles)- Multiple Bogur projectiles are fired at the opponent.

(4.) Giga Bogurbao (lvl. 2 attack)- A massive shockwave explosion is emitted from Rakete's body that massively damages the opponents. Rakete's bookkeeper is immune to this spell. Rakete can control the power of the shockwave explosion in different areas of the attack's radius to make it nearly harmless in the area where his allies are and extremely deadly in the area where his enemies are.

(5.) Rakur Bogudon (lvl. 2 attack, more powerful than his other lvl. 2 attacks)- Multiple large rockets are fired at the opponent(s), which do devastating damage in the blast radius.

(6.) Jio Boguruk (lvl. 2 modification)- All damage to Rakete is healed and his bookkeeper's heart energy is strengthened by a decent amount. Rakete's armor becomes more heavily plated, spikes grow on Rakete's armor, and Rakete becomes much more powerful.

(7.) Alm Bogurusen (lvl.2 attack)- Rakete has holes open up on his arm plates on his armor. Rakete then fires out a massive amount of searing, blazing hot fire from his arms and his mouth.

(8.) Bogur Zerusen (lvl. 3 attack)- Both of Rakete's fists become enormous and he fires them at the opponent.

(9.)Dioga Bogudon (Ultimate)- Rakete fires out many giant, invisible, explosive projectiles of wind from his fists, along with many giant rockets, projectiles of flame, and giant spikes fired out of his armor.

(10.) Shin Bogur (Shin-level spell)- Rakete becomes a giant, armored monster that can fire massive Bogur blasts from his hands, fire out huge rockets from his arms, fire out giant blasts of flame from his mouth, and fire out massive spikes from his armor.

(11.) Dio Bogushir (lvl. 3 attack)- Rakete fires out thousands of flaming shuriken that explode on contact with the opponent for massive damage.

(12.) Bogur Uruk (lvl. 3 modification)- Rakete becomes incredibly fast and every blow that he strikes on the opponent causes a massive explosion that damages the opponent. Rakete is immune to the explosions.

Appearance: Rakete is a massive armored mamodo who has two giant shoulder-mounted missile launchers on his shoulders. Rakete has many weapons on his back, such as his greatsword and battle axe, his two giant machine guns, which he usually holds, an assortment of projectile weapons, and many explosive devices, such as grenades and mines.

Mood/Habits: Despite being so ominous, Rakete is a very friendly mamodo, and he is very trusting. This can lead to bad situations for him and his bookkeeper, because Rakete can be overly trusting of anyone, even if that person or mamodo has sinister motives. Lucas usually tells Rakete if he can't trust a person or mamodo at all if that person or mamodo is evil. Rakete likes to avoid violence unless he is battling because he thinks that avoiding violence until a battle makes the battle more fun. Rakete enjoys playing board games with his bookkeeper, even though he usually loses.

Bookkeeper: His name is Lucas. Lucas is a teenager who is usually very enthusiastic, but channels his enthusiasm into concentration and determination in battle. Lucas's height is average, and he has blond hair with freckles on his face.

Gakote and Dakota

Dakota's Appearance: Dakota has curly ginger hair and freckles on his face with a trucker hat and a plaid shirt with ripped and worn-looking jeans. Dakota is incredibly protective of Gakote, to the point that he would work for any mamodo powerful enough to beat him and Gakote in order to have Gakote last longer in the mamodo battle.

Gakote's looks and personalities: A giant alligator that can walk upright. Fierce and beast-like to most everyone but Dakota and his allies, then he is very kind.


Dogurak- A giant, slow-moving energy ball is fired from Gakote's mouth. When it impacts, it explodes and does severe damage.

Oru Dogurak- A faster, but not as powerful version of Dogurak.

Dogurashield- A giant, orb-like shield is summoned to protect Gakote.

Ganzu Dogurak- Many smaller, explosive energy balls are fired from Gakote's mouth.

Rond Dogurak- Gakote pulls a giant energy ball, with an energy chain attached from his mouth. Works like a regular ball-and-chain, but it explodes on contact and stays intact, and can separate into smaller, explosive energy balls and can reform in an instant.

Go Doguruk- Gakote grows larger and becomes even more beast-like, growing sharper teeth and sharp scales, which make close combat with him nearly impossible.

Arsemuru Dogurak- A giant, wide-spreading energy blast is fired from Gakote's mouth.

Dogura-Gidorodon- A fast- moving explosive energy sphere is fired from Gakote's mouth that freezes the area where it hit and instantly freezes any opponent(s) that survive the explosion.

Migro-Doguradon- This spell can only be used at night. Gakote fires two, extremely-powerful, fast, dark-colored energy balls from his mouth.

Garubadosu Diodogudon- A giant alligator head is summoned, surrounded by giant alligator jaws, that attacks the opponent(s).

Dio Doguruk- Gakote turns into a massive, Godzilla-like alligator beast that can spew fire and swamp muck (which is also flammable) from its' mouth.

Shin Dogurodon- Gakote fires a huge energy blast from his mouth that could level two major cities next to each other.

I would prefer if at least one of them could be a good guy, but you don't have to if you don't want to. Honestly, I kind of was bored, and I haven't looked at your story yet. Your story is good, but you could make the chapters a little longer. But if don't have time to because of other things, I know how that feels. I don't think I'll update my fic for a while because I have so much stuff to do. Well, happy writing!

- Iostorm.
9/11/2009 c11 4BetaWriter
Short chapter, but still a good one. When will Ri, Skye, Yukiro and Maxwell stop running away? Is it too late to send in an OC? If so, here's mine:

Human: Alice

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Apperence: short brown hair, red eyes, light brown t-shirt and shorts, tan sandals/shoes

Personality: Tom-boyish, out-going, fun loving, but very tough

Mamodo: Kerouji

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Apperence: (Humanoid form) Messy black hair, green eyes, wears royal/prince clothing, a cape and a crown. (Frog form) A green frog wearing crown with red gems.

Personality: A very energetic and free spirit

Added info: Beleves his is royalty, so he sometimes orders other to do stuff for him, can turn from frog to human at will

Book Color: Lime

Element: Water/Frog based

Side: Good

Ribboshi - Fires a bunch of water bullets that explode and release a lot more exploding water bullets

Liloshield - Creates a lily pad shield that protects him and his book owner

Geruden - Creates a bubble that absorbs spells, when the bubble pops, the spell gets shot back

Ribbozen - 2nd lvl Ribboshi, fires a powerful gush of water from his mouth

Royashield - 2nd lvl Liloshield, Creates a shield in the form of a crown that wares down almost any spell

Toadashin - Creates a bunch of clones of him, but all of them are in frog form and don’t do anything

Ribborazon - 3rd lvl Ribboshi, shoots a bunch of rings made of water that cut through anything

Splachedon - Places a bunch of landmines that when stepped, unleashes an upward gush of water, can be activated at will anytime

Oujashikawazen - Unleashes a giant, King Frog made up of a large body of water that crashes into the opponent, other spells can increase the power of this spell (Ultimate)

Renfey-Toadashin - 2nd lvl Toadashin, Creates a bunch of clones that both change form and use spells, but takes a lot out of his book owner
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