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5/29 c14 Pimity
it takes a special kind of author to forget the main characters name halfway through the story. its vergil, not virgil
5/15 c4 Axccel
Vergil is popular for a reason among fans. He's like a civil (but no less rough) Dante. He's like someone you'd expect to have a stick up his ass, but he actually doesn't and can take jokes and dish them back.
5/14 c2 Axccel
Vergil would slaughter an army of aurors, return to his class, and continue the lesson like nothing happened. Because to him it really would be nothing.
4/29 c17 Metalora
4/27 c17 2ironboy32
in summary

3/17 c17 Liandra2428
Bravo you got me entranced with this story. While I don’t think that Vergil would be a teacher, DmC non withstanding, your interpretation of his teaching methods is good. And I love the pranks that you write out for him doing against his brother.
3/1 c17 Skyegrave
Will you ever end it? I don't mind if it's not very epic as long as you try.
3/1 c11 Skyegrave
Indeed. Throught the games, it's clear that out of the two, Vergil is the more inmature.
1/5 c17 Guest
Please continue. Great story.
12/24/2020 c1 Pimity
It's been 9 years.
12/1/2020 c17 Vixm
Cmon man
11/14/2020 c15 1Sorxia
Nvm my previous complaint about the incorrect spelling of the name. It has been fixed :) I could cry

I am tired
11/14/2020 c14 Sorxia
I love this fic but I am very, VERY annoyed by how halfway through Vergil turned into Virgil. It's such a small thing and no one will prolly even see me complain but I can't deal with it. Did you just forget how the name was written? Or was it a beta reader? I don't even know if you have a beta reader or whatever I have not slept for like 38 hours, which is prolly also the reason why this is bothering me so much.
11/10/2020 c17 recline
This was fucking amazing. Sad that this seems to be on hiatus, but dam that was great. Could have done something to his speach to make it sees more demonic. But still great chapter.
10/5/2020 c17 Metalora
Welp, time to wait for the next chapter which judging by the fact you haven't updated since 2018, the story is interesting and good, and the fact that 2020 has been nothing short of the apocalypse, I come to the conclusion that we'll, sadly, never see the conclusion of this story.
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