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for The forgotten prince

1/4/2020 c1 Winter princess
I know you what usagi and the outers we all do so how about adopting the story I know you can do some great work on finshinshing the story it been 13 years since the story was made we all know she not going to finish the story so why not finish it by our self's I can tell by your reviews that you hate wit with a passion frankly I think she only with him for destiny and chibiusa I even think chibiusa is not really his daughter we all know she gets her hair from her mother usagi originally usagi hair was pink but that changed it to blond but mamoru not usagi has has red eyes but who in the the sailor soldiers has red eyes ewe s why setsuna of chose the one and only sailor Pluto and chibiusa power do you remember the r session when she she was scared and sent up and eminence powerful beme of engry believe me you can't get that from a human and lunarion we all know that mamaroos week I mean come on the guy in the future sends himself dreams of his own wife dying frankly I think Mom would causes more pain than love for usagi whenever I looked in the other size they have a longing I know they want their princess I mean do you remember the Stars season I mean d outers would literally tell usagi that the star lights were dangerous and Harukaand michiru literally calls sayia a wolf hack when they find out their identity they literally tell them to leave their princess alone and when they said that they will use their princess for their own advantage the outers tents deep down I know the others love their princess more than friends more than sisters I know they'll be with her to the end frankly I can cuz I usually better of the outer senshi she is nowhere near Inner potential but the outers she is there potential full and froon I'm fiercely I say Cube uses their daughter I mean the red eyes the cockiness the power and not only that the others treat her like a daughter literally I'm frankly I never seen anything of Momo Baka in her but when I look at the outers I can tell that she's their daughter and now let's go to sake I say usagi is better off for the others because the same longing To Be Free I know usagi Love's outers as well Longing To Be Free the longing to be just like them I know they're perfect for each other the things you see in the outers eyes the things that they only have your sake but hide it lust love longing the chance to be with her sadness pain loneliness an acceptance I know you seen it too the outers they can be good for usagi I mean we all know the outers are strict if the sake gets a bad grade or even has a fit about it or acts like a brat the outers will see it fixed immediately they will stuff out the value nature immediately out of her you and me both know that and usagi she can get the others happiness that they deserve heck I think the others will be better if usagi what's with them a inners let's talk about them they literally bully usagi calling her not pretty they bully her about her grades they call her fat hekayat I think they're only with her out of Duty being the princess I think even if she wasn't the princess they dumped her on the streets but the outers they except usagi what she is I even know that they was still want to be with usagi if she wasn't the princess the outers are scared the to be with usagi they're afraid she won't like them and is sucky scared of Destiny she's only with mamoru so chibiusa can be born mom ruined inners they're horrible to her even i know mamoru if geven the chance he would cheat on her he's only with her for power and use that against her even uses their age difference against her for his own advantage so that's why you have to finish a story give us a key and the outers the happy ending that they need that they deserve we don't know about the past or much about the future but I know usagi isn't happy the outers can give her that happiness they can give her that freedom that she wants they can show her what it means to be loved in mind body and soul I know they'll be a stoppable together I believe their love is what happened in history and should happen she couldn't finish the story but you can give it a chance do you really want that story to go away to never be finished that story is too good to be stopped save the story I know if you finish a story you'll feel happy everyone will get their wish usagi and the outers we'll be together and I do agree with you I hope Momo baka meats are painful devastating end Andy inners either accept or or end up in a body cast die or disappear from the face of the Earth my wishes for the outers usagi to be happy I know you've been granted so please say that story save usagi outers don't let the story yet give the story a happy ending please
12/6/2019 c1 Ryu wolf
Is the great start to the story. I can’t wait to the next chapter
6/25/2016 c1 13Sexykitsune-hime
This chapter made me cried. I hope Naruto returns to save his mama. papa, and baby sister.
11/27/2011 c1 OnewingedAngel118
Nice Story! :D :-bd
7/21/2010 c1 5RogueNya
Wow that is harsh lol, look forward to seeing what happens in this story. So keep up the great work ^^
6/13/2010 c1 god of all
Great chapter and story so fair pleases continue this story soon.
11/6/2009 c1 daniel 29
You do realize in this case rini and naruto would be sibilings and you don't exactly strike me as a author who pairs 2 siblings in which consist of 1 male and 1 female of the same relation together romantically.
10/25/2009 c1 origin of summoners
intersting fic sounds like it could be a good fic.
10/8/2009 c1 10Read my stuff 007
awsome update soon
9/5/2009 c1 BlazinHothead
Will there be angst? Please, oh please let there be angst.
9/4/2009 c1 1stc-dragon
well that was intrestin can't wait to see how naruto will turn out can't wait for the next chapter for this story
8/30/2009 c1 ice of darkness
you could deffiantly do this naruto king of the nagaveirse, enslaver, evil
8/17/2009 c1 Star1X

Can't wait for the next part!

Post more soon!
8/13/2009 c1 21Vendetta419
A very good chapter please update and continue this story.

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