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5/24/2013 c8 2Aster cordifolius
I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all of the detail that you've put into the story. You clearly love Oxford very much to notice so many details. As an art history major I love that you've made Kokoschka and Klimt wizards. And Oshkosh was the nickname that I (and I suppose nearly every other art history student) gave Kokoschka when learning the Vienna Secession. Imagining some of the Klimt paintings moving is quite trippy actually...
5/24/2013 c4 Aster cordifolius
Very, very interesting. Is it Tom attacking people? Is he a villain (since the death of his adopted mother makes him v. similar to Tom Riddle, and Harry was a horcrux when he and Hermione got together...)? or it could just be that he came to England to find his biological parents, no evil intentions, just looking for his parents, and someone else is attacking people. or since he was home-schooled, does he have a problem with accidental magic and is attached to Rose so he's attacking people she's pissed off at? Very very interesting.
8/1/2012 c5 1DarylSurvives73
YES i guessed right! But how I wished it wasn't him, because if you think about it, Tom attacked his brother! (
8/1/2012 c4 DarylSurvives73
Good story! Is Tom supposed to be the attacker? Because he was gone when both of the attacks happened and the burn could be the red thing she saw. Just wondering...
7/19/2012 c13 miramirth
... An interesting story. I agree with another reviewer that Ron's and Harry's reactions are missing from this, but the plot itself is quite unusual.

I do think the Horcrux-inheriting mechanics stretch credulity, however. I also admit I was annoyed by Rose towards the end, when she put the well-being of her half-brother she has a "good feeling" about above that of countless people who could die at his hands. Or the Horcrux's hands, whatever. The refusal to hand the case over to competent adults felt too much like a device for letting the kids have their own adventure, I'm sorry to say.

On the plus side, your writing is certainly solid, and the OCs, as well as next gen characters who may as well be OCs, are perfectly believable. I liked the Rose/Scorpius dynamic, too, as there was just enough UST and not too much fluff.

Like I said, an interesting story.
1/23/2012 c1 Hello Hello
It was a super good story, but i wish you had Hermione confront Harry about Tom and everything... And Ron's reaction to it. If you ever do, you should make it a big blowout with a little comedy... Just a suggestion ;)
4/8/2011 c5 shine lots
You have created the scariest character in Tom! Well done, it freaks me out. He's got Harry's genes and reckless instinct, and Hermione's intellect, coupled with a fragment of - dare I say it - Voldemort's soul. The potential for havoc is really scary.

Is Tom really the container of Voldemort's soul? Is that what the bright, red, and glowing birthmark is? I can't wait to read and find out.
4/8/2011 c1 shine lots
Wow! This is really good. I can almost believe that this could've actually happened in cannon.

My favourite touch is Hermione retching in the forest because she feels guilty, as well as such sickness being a side effect of pregnancy. You perfectly harmonize emotions and actions with this idea.
11/21/2010 c1 9exDerelict
I gotta say that I am impressed by the caliber of writing exercised in this first chapter. You weave language naturally, almost seamlessly. I am at a bit of a loss regarding the plot of your story and where it could be leading since the summary description was vague, but I am certainly intrigued by what you have laid out thus far. Well, enough chatter and on to the next chapter...
11/6/2010 c13 HP0247
Well, I'm thoroughly impressed with this story. The depth and complexity of the plot was really amazing.

I agree with a previous reviewer - I cannot understand how this story has slipped under the radar of readers - the number of reviews, or lack thereof, does in no way reflect the quality of this story and the author who wrote it.

Too bad you didn't finish the sequel - but it must have been disappointing to you that Hollow's Child did not garner the attention it so deserved.

Thanks for sharing this really great story.
11/4/2010 c1 HP0247
Wow, the first chapter was really good, full on detailed information while covering a large span of time. Nice job on that.

One comment, some paragraphs are too long and somewhat hard to read because of it - makes for eye strain. Nicely written nonetheless.

Off to the next chapter.
10/7/2010 c13 6Marz-Alfgonzo
As much as I hate the idea of Harry/Hermione, I LOVE this story. You've dealt with the sensitive issue so well; it's believable and fits with canon perfectly. Beautifully written, the pacing's practically perfect, and the characters are unique enough to be interesting, but still work well within the world. I absolutely love this story, and am super excited about the sequel.
8/25/2010 c13 34Lela-of-Bast
I don't know what I expected when I clicked on this story. A light-hearted romp where Rose gets to know her brother and helps him assimulate into the Potter-Weasley clan, I guess.

Boy was I wrong. And I'm glad I was. This is a very good story.I loved all the tension and the twists that you threw in. Great job!
1/17/2010 c13 11WintersEmpire
O-M-F-G! This story is EPIC! Absolutely had me captivated, read it all through (kept me from my textbooks mind you). It was brilliant and god there are so many words to describe this, it was just WOW.

Really remarkable and nicely written, it just flowed. Truly amazing!Very original.
11/2/2009 c13 SiriusDesires
I stumbled upon this story, accidently, late last night. I don't usually read Rose/Scorpius. I have to tell you, I literally had to force myself to go to bed or I would have stayed awake all night to finish (which I just have) LOL I really enjoyed your story.

Honestly, I was shocked the see the amount or reviews (or rather lack of reviews) It bothered me enough to try to figure out why that might be. I mean, I have seen stories not nearly as interesting as this one with hundreds of reviews.

Please, don't take this as criticism - it's not meant that way, merly an observation or suggestion. I think that if this was listed under a diferent category, rather than Rose/Scorpius, it might get more notice. Although there are little moments thruought and they are getting together at the end - the main focus, the heart of the story, is about so much more than that.

I look forward to seeing what you do with the sequil & hope you see it thru to the end!
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