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10/9/2019 c17 34heavy.sighs.and.sad.goodbyes
Wow wow wow this chapter was so well-written! Jacob Jr. being Nessie's "true imprint" is one of the pro-Leah-and-Jacob plot lines I've seen. And my stomach absolutely plummeted at the end when Seth barged in. I forgot about the tribe issue. Gotta find out what happens next!
2/4/2019 c1 guest
love this! jacob/leah should have happened in canon
2/3/2019 c6 Daughter of the hearth
I find it so selfish that they all just decided that they are gonna drag Leah back no matter if she is happy where she is or if she’s doing better. They just gonna drag her back bc they want to and they miss her
1/13/2018 c27 3PastOneonta
Oh my! What a place to end this! Sam is finally doing something to save Jacob and Leah and the integrity of the Pack as protectors. I was horrified to learn that Old Quil had murdered Harry and was planning to kill Billy. That was terrible. I am surprised Sam went to the Cullen's but Edward's mind reading can help. Seth has imprinted! That should be fun to explain to Kate and her family. I have enjoyed Leah and Jacob has grown up to be a good leader. Little Jacob seems very cute. Thanks for writing, looking forward to the sequel.
1/13/2018 c22 PastOneonta
I think it's lovely that Jacob is talking to his mom. It may not make sense to everyone but I think it's lovely. He was so young when she died.
2/4/2017 c27 Hazel Black
I loved it
12/16/2016 c20 Guest
i love this fanfiction! I so ship this pairing and i love how you cleaned up the
jake/nessie problem so leah and jake could be together. You're such an amazing writer!
11/24/2016 c17 11Furrina
Well, Nessie is destined for a Jacob Black... just not The Jacob Black
11/11/2015 c7 1Drewssssssss
Ooooooooo I knew it ha
3/26/2015 c20 Guest
LJ? the kid is going to hate that name when he's older. Bella really does suck at naming kids.
12/13/2014 c27 1Silverfires
I just love this story and the other one 'Full Circle'. I was 'late' to reading Twilight fanfics, but I have to say I am so glad to have discovered this one. To me it makes sense that Jacob 'imprinted' on Nessie to protect her for her true imprint who would be his son. Especially since it was explained that Jacob's tie to Bella had something to do with her yet conceived child, it makes sense. I hope that you consider writing Twilight fics again. Wonderful work! Truly impressed.
6/22/2014 c18 John
Well I was enjoying this story so far, but it kind of ended here. Being over and taking it from a bunch of old men? I've lost all respect for both Jacob and Leah. The council is so worthless, and Sam's pack is worth shit given that they basically have the Cullens as their backup anyway. Eh it was fine for a while I suppose.
4/15/2014 c27 Daughter of the hearth
You know you made me absolutely hate quail Sr. Right I Hate him and Paul and Sam with the wrath of GOD. not to say that your story isn't incredible, awesome and whole bunch of great synonyms. I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO REPEAT I HATE QUIL SR. ,PAUL,AND SAM. I HOPE THEY DIE PAINFULLY AT THE END OF THE STORY
12/22/2013 c25 Inosolan
Sue's now playing at ineffectual now too. How useless can you get? At least Jake and Leah are strong enough to protect LJ...
12/22/2013 c23 Inosolan
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