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for All the Wrong Things

8/10/2012 c24 Blackwater 4eva
I hope they find out Quil Sr. did it. I love this story. I hope Billy doesn't die.
8/10/2012 c23 Blackwater 4eva
Quil Sr. is evil!I can't believe he murdered Harry. I wanted to hurt him myself.
8/10/2012 c14 Blackwater 4eva
I think Jacob over-reacted a little bit. I mean Leah didn't even know she was pregnant. Cut her some slack. I love this story though.
2/15/2012 c14 No Account
Damn Leah is whiny and annoying as hell & we get it you remember your relationship with Sam and you want Jacob damn! Why shouldn't they help her after all the shit she had to put up with from and b/c of them. Why is Leah putting blame on herself she didn't do anything wrong.
12/13/2011 c27 3elanor of aquitania
Very well written. Thank you for sharing.
9/12/2011 c27 Tara Maria
Really enjoyed this story... :)
9/8/2011 c27 30Kary G
Just read this story in two hours or three. I love it! I still need to read the sequel =) Excelent job!


9/8/2011 c27 wolftatoo
I can't believe Old Quil would do something like this what's his problem? He is strictly by the book and Leah was right imprinting isn't true love it's forced love and then he forced Sam to into hurting Jacob's father. At least Sam left La Push when he did taking Emily with him then asking the Cullens for help he didn't want to hurt Billy. Can't wait to find out everyone's reaction when the truth what Old Quil did comes out I'm really looking forward to Quil Jr's reaction.
8/4/2011 c27 JJCULLEN
i seriously thought this was stephanie meyer's own story. WOW. I feel like this is the sequal to breaking dawn. honestly. WOW. again haha im taken away with the whole story. i honestly didn't like jacob and renesmee... but leah and him are perfect! thanks for the great story!
3/30/2011 c27 ABarbieStory
OMG! such a good story I'm really hoping bout time i finish this and go to your page the sequel will already be there lol great story
2/28/2011 c27 you.only.live.onceX
your storys amazing. no chance of you comin back to finish it. i think its amazing
2/19/2011 c23 12prettyfaceandelectricsoul
Evil Old Quil. Thats new.
12/17/2010 c2 writer445
absolutely amazing story plz keep writing and updating! However, there are a few grammar errors that need to be fixed but your story is still amazing and it sounds like it needs to be turned into a novel since it is so good
12/12/2010 c27 Dimikaroza
Plz continue luv the story i hope old quil gets what he deserves after what he did
8/15/2010 c27 17schatzi.mhmm
ohhhhh PLEASE continue! i know 27 chapters is alot, but you have to finish off the story! like what's going to happen to Billy? and WTF with old quil being a psycho evil-villian! And Kate + Seth and Sam/Emily @ the Cullens?1 And JACOB AND LEAH! plus their son! oh please keep going!
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