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9/7/2009 c11 2lacking a better name
great chapter. update soon
9/7/2009 c12 3AColdAndBrokenHallelujah
Yay :D She's going home!
9/7/2009 c12 dreamin'BIG
no you cant leave me hanging like that. IT CRUELTY TO OBSESSED READERS LIKE ME! wa plz update soon or i'll send james the deafly vampire with a massive dick up his ass after you, i will you know gr, plz update! lol
9/7/2009 c12 8LaFayVerte
poor Leah, she has to run all the way to washington, while in labour *shrugging*, update soon
9/7/2009 c12 hpfan27
Plz keep writing this

Is super good!
9/7/2009 c12 38Luci-Marlena
oh snap... a baby boy... well hot damn... and i KNEW sam thought that she was with jack, the way that he looked between them and how jack went to protect leah from sam, hell i would've thought the same thing... oh snap, she's going to the cullens to see carlisle, damn the plot thickens... hopefully she will go back to see jack and kate... they took care of her and welcomed her into their family... a little reunion perhaps?... and OMG LEAH IS GOING HOME! yeah, like i said before, it's to the cullens but OMFG IT'S IN THE SAME STATE AND JAKE WILL DEFS SEE HER THERE B/C OF THE IMPRINT OMG OMG OMG! FINALLY! A BLACKWATER REUNION IN SIGHT! YAY!

loved this chapter, especially leah's paranoia about what form her child would take when born

just really good

9/7/2009 c12 102013as
awesome! aw i love jack. I know this is a jake/leah story but I swear for like the last couple of chapters i was hoping that jack would win her over. anywhoo, update soon :)
9/7/2009 c12 alwaysdonuts
oh. my. god.

when i saw the title of this chapter in my inbox, i was like "HOLY SHIZ!" and now... wow.

leah is a mom. holy. crap.

*in shock* um. that was.. good...hurry with the next one... o.o
9/7/2009 c12 Firefly-class
wow, leah's hardcore..giving birth by herself!
9/7/2009 c11 38Luci-Marlena
lol i love kate, especial her last line “Kate's a nice name for a girl.”

AH I WANT LEAH TO COME HOME! man, when is she going to come home? i'm so flippin' anxious and excited to see what happens when she goes back... what will sue say? how will seth react? what the flip will jake do? man, i'm going insane! on another note, i love how close she's getting to kate and jack... she's like a big sister to them, it's really nice

hopefully you update soon with leah getting home (wink wink ;P ) good stuff

9/6/2009 c11 LM3795
hm...I wonder if Sam is gonna tell Jake about Leah's..."condition"...I hope so...heeheeheehee!
9/6/2009 c11 Kara'Hysteric
This story is amazing.

More Soon
9/5/2009 c11 102013as
awesome chapter, ah i am dreading her return to La Push, probably because i am in love with this family :) more jack, please!
9/5/2009 c11 Brbara
Please update soon, i'm loving reading this!
9/5/2009 c11 amff101
I hope its a boy
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