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8/13/2009 c3 5Rogue Assasin
Aw - You know - I was thinking of a fic along the same lines but - I was going to let it be a supernatural crossover where Leah ran into Dean, Sam, Ruby and that angel chick. So is Leah going to go away for a long time? How long? Will she find her imprint or will Jacob haunt her forever?
8/12/2009 c3 8LaFayVerte
Great fic, honestly, you deserve all of the reviews
8/12/2009 c3 102013as
awesome chapter!
8/12/2009 c3 hpfan27
Plz keep writing his is very good!
8/12/2009 c3 4Midnight's Ghost
really short...but really good,can't wait to see what happens next!
8/12/2009 c3 xXHatchiXx
wow that was a heartbreaking chapter and really great!Nessie is now a duty? i like it;)

Can't wait for the next chapter!
8/12/2009 c3 Firefly-class
i knew she was going to leave. I hope jacob works through his feelings and goes back to Leah. update SOON!
8/12/2009 c3 46Kei Jones
Seriously? He let her go? Just like that? Ah, man Jacob you suck man! You suck! Nessie's just a kid - she doesn't have to know man. She doesn't. Update soon.
8/12/2009 c3 veronica21
I really like this story! It is very well written! Update soon!
8/12/2009 c3 BLACKWATER4EVR
great chapter! I feel really bad for Leah. She always gets the short end of the stick. update soon!
8/12/2009 c3 19brezzybrez
update soon. please.
8/11/2009 c2 hpfan27
Plz plz plz keep

8/11/2009 c2 Firefly-class
update soon!
8/11/2009 c2 17DarkAngelz200
I really like it so far ^.^ Update ASAP!
8/11/2009 c2 xXHatchiXx
Wow your story sounds great and your writing is awesome, i got so caught up! Can't wait for the next chapter!
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