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4/26/2010 c29 9janey1097
I must say, this was an excellent story! I enjoyed the diversity of characters, and the challenges. It was well written and definitely entertaining. You gave the characters an equal amount of limelight, and I found it easy to catch onto who-was-who, very quickly.

Admittedly, I loved Logan and Jemi's relationship, but I'm a sucker for stuff like that. Alex definitely deserved to win, though.

This was great!

2/24/2010 c29 liveurlife
Sorry, too lazy to log onto my own account and submit this review!

I can't believe you! Ending it this way :( Oh, well, at least I have the honor to say that I was able to participate in sucha great story. This was the first roleplay Jemi's ever been in, and you portrayed her actions perfectly, from the moment she stepped on the dock, to her small role in this chapter. I wonder how her relationship wit Logan'll work, and how it'll be like when she returns home. Dear God, Ty, please protect her!

Anyway, this was great, and I hope that 'Bless The Broken Road' will finish off as great as this roleplay had, Johnna, you're truly a great author, especially for one that's new to writing around here on FanFiction. Much Love, Tintin. 3
2/24/2010 c29 3Shikamaru's Twin
Epic finale dudette! So Alex wins like I hoped I'm really convinced I'm psychic. Finally Riley gets her revenge on Lola and the guys turn into pigs. Aw did Jemi really have to pull Riley off Lola? Anyway I feel honored to have had a character in this story and I'm kind of sad it's over but I'm glad I know how it ends. Well for the last time this is me clicking the submit review button, see ya!
2/24/2010 c29 6Realityshowfan
NO! It can't be over! I've enjoyed this story so much... and now it's over? NO!

But I am SO happy Alex won the competition! She deserves it! And thank you so much for having Logan get second place! As much as I love him, he didn't deserve to win the million. It's been so much fun reading this, and your an amazing author. You kept on edge with eliminations, relashionships, alliances, and break ups. One thing I'm going to remember about this story... how much fun I had reading it! Thanks so much, you rock!
2/24/2010 c29 3Madnessisfun
And so ends the most awesome Camp TV. It was an incredible ride and I'm glad I was there to see it through. The characters were great, Chris was mean and the challenges were nuts. I loved the chapter and everyones part in it. It's been an awesome story and I'm glad I was a part of it.
2/24/2010 c29 1Burstofitall
Wow... I can't believe Alex won... :D OMG! That is so col! :D ! And Jace and Marissa worked things out! :) GREAT! This is one good Fanfic. I am still sad it's over :( . But hey, good ending!
2/23/2010 c29 kitsune818
And the finale is upon us! Interesting idea for a final challenge, a twist on the second challenge from this season, I LOVE IT! Whoa, Seth got to witness a catfight between his girlfriend and his archenemy? Seth, you lucky son of a gun! Oh, and Jace and Marissa have finally reestablished their relationship, congrats, you two. Yes, way to go, Marissa, you rock! Funny, the first two voted out were responsible for finding Logan, I guess that's irony for you. But the point is, ALEX WINS! YEAH, BABY! Well, Johnna, it has truly been an honor being a contestant in your story. I said it once before, and I'll say it again, 12 contestants is a small number, and I'm glad you chose me to be in that twelve. Good luck to you, Alex, Riley, and the other contestants. For the final time, this is Seth "Chopper" Fujimoto, over and out. Godd night, everybody!
2/23/2010 c29 4author999
Yay Alex won. Very happy with the outcome and the entire story. A little sad we didn't see Hunter or Helena in the last chapter but I loved Lola so much in this one. A very very good story.
2/14/2010 c28 All-That-Stuff
Ooh, dramatic! Wow... So close but still so far! Well even if I don't win, I loved reading this! One more episode :( . Oh well... LET'S SEE HOW THIS ALL PLAYS OUT! :)
2/14/2010 c28 6Realityshowfan
AGH! I HATE YOU! YOU CAN'T END IT LIKE THAT! I'm going to be tearing out my hair seeing if Logan will win! No!

As always, your writing is perfect. But I still hate you for making the worst cliffhanger ever! How am i to be expected to wait for this?
2/14/2010 c28 3Madnessisfun
Ooh, so close! I'm actually gonna be kinda sad when this ends. It was a ton of fun following the story. I can't wait to see how it ends. Keep up the good work.
2/14/2010 c28 5burnthrough
Aww man, Johnna. You suck for ending it this way! Just kidding, but it was a pretty good chapter. Though, I think you accidently, cast Jemi as Alex in the first few minutes of the second challenge. I guess Jemi's just that cool :P Haha, overall, can't wait for the second part. Suspense is killing us so, update when you can!
2/14/2010 c28 kitsune818
Woo! The finale is here! So, the last challenge is a triathlon, should be fun! You put me on the right side, I know Alex will win! I'll admit, I was surprised to see LOLA of all people on Alex's side! I thought she hated us! But, then again, I guess she hates Logan more. Oh, crap, the last challenge is a tie, how're we gonna sett- WHOA, HOLD THE PHONE! "ONE FINAL CHALLENGE"? So, this wasn't really the last challenge? XD DANG IT! Well, I guess we'll have to wait a little longer to see Alex win. But I can wait! Just watch me!
2/14/2010 c28 3Shikamaru's Twin
Just thought maybe I should point out that for the first couple of sentences of the second challenge you refere to Alex as Jemi. Other than that I had a feeling it would be a tie, I'm a very good guesser lol.
2/1/2010 c27 liveurlife
Aha, I so saw that coming! Wow. Logan actually seemed like he was sad about Jemi. Can't wait for the finale!
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