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8/17/2009 c7 3Shikamaru's Twin
Ah the alliance is formed, hmm I know who Riley would probably want to vote for lol. Ah so my review is used the story... AWESOME! Yeah I'm reviewing this while I should be working on a goverment assignment... le sigh. I wonder what the next challenge is going to be hmm... Well that means one thing UPDATE SOON!
8/16/2009 c6 6Realityshowfan
Yay, this is a great chapter! An alliance... awesome! I love alliances, and this one is great!

Poor Ronald... Eww! That had me cracking up!

and the scene between Logan and Jemi is so cute! I love it when he shows her his six pack! Thanx for including that!

I'm not lying when i tell you how amazing of an author you are, and how much i enjoy reading your stories. can't wait for future updates! (:
8/16/2009 c6 5burnthrough
Aha, love the JemiXLogan and HunterXHelen bits (:

Great work as always. This update meant alot.



Outstanding chapter.
8/16/2009 c6 4author999
This was a very good one. I like the development of the couples. I'm surprised by the alliance, i thought for sure Lola would be the first one to make an alliance but want are you gonna do. AS for Hunter and Helena, perfect. I love your work and please update ASAP.
8/16/2009 c6 3Madnessisfun
Ooh a new alliance and the next challenge, very interesting. Can't wait for the next chapter.
8/16/2009 c6 kitsune818
Yes! I can't believe it, this is really gonna happen! The first Camp TV alliance! Thanks for crediting me in the intro! Can't wait to see what happens next!
8/16/2009 c6 3Shikamaru's Twin
Hmm an alliance between the gamer, the tomboy, and the otaku how interesting. Hmm now I'm very interested in knowing what's going to happen which means you have to update soon!

Unidentifiable to science? Sounds Like something I said about the food at my school that looks like it's been regurgitated. Aww why Jemi have to kill the fun it left me laughing like crazy.
8/16/2009 c5 28Ellie Slaughter
We won :D

I thought that they were going to loose...ah...such little faith i havve..:)

All the couples are so cute especially the hints of Jason and Marissa :D

Cant wait for the next chappie
8/15/2009 c5 kitsune818
Doggone it! We were so close! Well, we still have two more challenges before someone goes home. I hope we can pull ourselves together by then. Update soon!
8/15/2009 c5 1Burstofitall
I love it! It was actually a really good chapter! I love how Jason kind of redeamed himself... But I am still worried he will get himself voted off...
8/15/2009 c5 3Madnessisfun
Interesting chapter, despite being short. More character development and hints of romance for Jason and Marissa, they make a cute couple. I wonder what the next challenge holds for our dear campers. We'll just have to wait and see.
8/15/2009 c5 6Realityshowfan
Yay! Thank you so much for updating this quickly, because it just made the rest of my day! I'm not lying or just trying to make you feel better when i say you are an AMAZING author, because you really are.

I love the LoganXJemi relashionship, as well as HunterXHelena! I'm glad you didn't vote anyone off, because i love everyone! You managed to get Logan's personality down to the nail, and i just love reading your chapters! I cannot wait for the next installment, and once again, you are such a good writer!
8/15/2009 c5 4author999
Very good but this one was a bit short. Hunter and Helena i like a lot and "poor" Lola. I guess the song is wrong, Whaterver Lola wants Lola dosen't get. Over all i am really liking the story. Update soon.
8/15/2009 c5 5burnthrough
Great work Johnna!

Can't wait for the next chapter!

(: MARIE :)
8/15/2009 c5 3Shikamaru's Twin
Ah somehow I had a feeling out team wouldn't win, maybe I'm psycho (I am aware that I said psycho not psychic), or maybe I just figured since they had the advantage they would fail. Hmm who knows lol, very nice chapter. My favorite parts have to be the comments towards Lola from Riley, and Logan taking the map from Jemi. Well update soon!
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