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8/9/2009 c1 6Realityshowfan
Name: Logan Dale

Gender: Male

Age 17

Stereotype: The Bad Boy

Appearance: Logan has the typical bad boy stance. Slouching, as if saying, I don't care about soceity. He gives off an aura that says, don't mess with me or I'll mess you up, but it might change around a girl he likes...

Hair: He has shaggy blond hair that goes over his forehead.

Eyes: He has olive green eyes and oval like eyes.

Skin Tone: White, but tanned also

Height: 6 foot

Weight: About 200 pounds, but thats all muscle

Build: Very, Very muscular. He works out all the time, and is really good at sports.

Other: He has one ear peirced

Clothes: he has ripped up, sagging blue jeans with a zipped up Leather Jacket. Underneath the Jacket is nothing.

Swim Wear: Black swimming trunks

Fomral Clothes and Party clothes: For formal, he wears a very raggety black tuxedo, for party, he just unzips his leather jacket, showing off his bare, masculine chest.

Accessories: He has a pair of sunglasses that he'll wear occasionally

Personality: Logan is your typical bad boy. Sarcastic, mean, and self centered. He's very competitive, and loves to pick on people. Of course he is a bully, but maybe a girl might fix that problem... Anyway, he's sort of like a Duncan, except much more of a bad mouth and more competitve and athletic. He could even be considered a jock, except that juvie doesn't really offer a lot of sports, and smoking is looked down upon im most organizations.

How he acts when he first arrives: He'll flirt with some of the hot girls, tell everyone he's there to win, and maybe will pick on one kid.

What he's like around friends: He doesn't have many, but the ones he does have are really good friends. He's loyal and honest, even though you might not like what he's going to say, he'll say it to you. But he doesn't believe double crossing his friends, but he'll do it to anyone else!

How he acts around enemys: If their a guy, he'll constantly pick on him and make fun of him. If its a girl, he'll call her some really bad names.

Things he likes: Bullying, smoking, winning, girls

Things he doesnt like: Losing, snotty people, nerds, gay people.

Weak Points: He can be to mean sometimes, and a bit of a hot head.

Strong Points: He'll never give up and he's well built.

Talents: He can pickpocket anyone, plus he plays the flute really well. (His mom made him take flute lessons when he was little. If anyone ever mentions this, he'll kill them)

Phobias: Bunny rabbits

Why he has this phobia: His mom got him a bunny when he was little. It was a horrible bunny and attacked him multiple times. He still has nightmares about Mr. Fuzzy.

Sexuality: Straight

Paired Up: PLEASE!

With who: Preferably, someone like Courtney! Or maybe a fellow punk, or the queen bee! So either someone completely opposite of him, or someone just like him!

Will he be in denial: NO

How he flirts: He makes really perverted remarks to try to make them laugh. Plus, he'll try groping them.

Past: His dad left when he was little, so its just him and his mom living in a crappy apartment building in the bad side of New York. He was invited into some gangs, but refused. He got in a lot of fights, and went to juvy because of them. Even now, gangs are still coming after him and beating him up, so he beats them up right back!

Whats his friends and family like: His moms great. Even though she's dirt poor, she is a really nice person, and Logan loves her to bits (Although he would never admit it.) He has a couple of friends, but his best friend is Paul Davidson. Paul shares an apartment with them with his dad, and Paul is very outspoken and hyper. However, he said no to the gangs too.

Any medical conditions: No

Does he swear: YES

Challenge suggestions: Building and racing go karts, doing circus acts, the food olympics (A personal favorite of mine)

Extreme game of tag, paintball war.

Audition tape: I'm really sorry I am not including one, but i am SO tired right now. I still hope you pick him, and I am sorry if he's sort of like Duncan!
8/9/2009 c1 4author999
I figure I should send someone in, I hardly ever do this so here we go.

Name (First and Last)- Hunter Linford

Nickname (if any)- “Dumb-dumb” by his twin sister.

Gender- Male

Age- 17

Stereotype- The hopeless romantic


Hair (style and color)- Short wavy dark brown hair

Eyes- Caramel

Skin Tone- Slightly tanned

Height- 6’ 3”

Weight- 175 lbs.

Build- Skinny with some lean muscle

Other (Birthmarks, Freckles, Piercing, Tattoos, etc)- A small scare above his left eye from a skiing accident.


Everyday- Tan undershirt with a brown over shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans.

Swim wear- Dark green trunks.

Formal clothes(or party clothes)- Orange dress shirt with a black and orange tie and a pair of black dress pants.

Pajamas- Black and white checkered pajama bottoms.

Accessories(if any) None

Personality- Hunter is a very nice person who can become friends with almost anyone. He is good at telling when people are upset or need help and uses this to make friends. He looses his temper only when defending people or when arguing with his sister. He can be very mean early in the morning or when he hasn’t slept for a long time though, he once purposely spilled coffee on someone while at summer camp because they kept him up all night.

How does the character act when they first arrive/greet the other campers- He will try to get to know them individually.

What is she/he like around friends?- Very helpful and willing to help others with there problems. He also likes to joke around with his friends such as pranks on them for fun.

What is she/he like around people they don’t like?- He is likely to tell someone that he doesn’t like them but will still treat them with respect and try to be nice to them unless otherwise provoked.

Things they like- Reading, soccer, basketball, the outdoors and he secretly loves opera.

Things they dislike- Bullies, homework, his sister (sometimes), and caves.

Weak points- Hunter can be a little bit too trusting and he isn’t that great of a liar.

Strong points- Hunter is very good at reading people and is a physically strong person.

Talents- Can sing opera but hardly ever tells anyone.

Phobia(s)- Sharks.

Why are they scared of this?- On a trip to an aquarium, he saw a shark attack one of the feeders.

Sexuality- Straight.

Paired up?- Yes please.

If yes what kind of person- A shy quiet nerdy girl who likes Hunter for himself.

Will they be in denial?- No but will be worried she doesn’t like him back.

How do they flirt?- Will try to be a friend first them move into flirting.


What is their family and friends like?(I may be using this for future references)- Hunter comes from a very wealthy family and as such has had the finer things in life. He is one of the few people in his family to not let the money get top his head. He always wanted to find a girlfriend but has found all the girls he has dated wanted him for his family’s money. Hunter also has a heated sibling rivalry with his twin sister who was borne one minuet after he was. Even though they fight all the time, they will always come after those who hurt each other, a kind of ‘no one hurts my sister but me’ sort of thing. His friends are normally the outcasts at school like the nerds and the Goths.

Any medical conditions?- Hunter is allergic to shrimp.

Does your characters swear?- Hardly ever, he normally would replace a swear with something like ‘doodlebugs’ or ‘crud’. He only ever swears when he is in a fight with someone or is stressed.

Challenge suggestion- 12 mile hike.

Audition tape(you do not need to include this, but when I read the way you write the character, I can understand the way you want the character.) We see Hunter in the middle of a large library.

Hunter: Are you ready James?

The camera bobs up and down.

Hunter: Good. (He clears his throat) Hello guys, I’m Hunter and I would love to be on your show I really kind of want to be on it to find the girl of my dreams. I mean I can get dates and stuff but all those girls want is my money. I want an adventure and find a girl that likes me for me and…

He stops when he hears a knock at a door.

Lola: Hey Dumb-dumb, its dinner time. (She walks in) What are you doing? You’re trying out for that show aren’t you?

Before Hunter could answer, she turned to the camera.

Lola: Listen don’t take Hunter he’s not cool enough for your show, you should pick me.

Hunter: (Angry) Hey, stop steeling my spotlight Lola!

The two soon get into a shouting match which ends with them getting into a sissy slapping fight. The screen goes black for a moment then we see Hunter in the library with some scratches on his face.

Hunter: I’m really sorry about that. Anyway, I would be great for the show because I always keep my cool and can get along with anyone. (There was some muffled yelling) Lola be quiet! You don’t want me to tighten those rop… (He stops and looks at the camera) You’re still recording aren’t you James.

The camera bobs up and down.

Hunter: Aw doodlebugs.

Name (First and Last)- Lola Linford

Nickname (if any)- “Honey-bun” by her father, “Honey-butt” by her brother.

Gender- Female

Age- 17

Stereotype- The spoiled brat


Hair (style and color)- Long (Dyed) blond hair.

Eyes- Light brown

Skin Tone- Tan

Height- 5’6”

Weight- 124

Build- Slim

Other (Birthmarks, Freckles, Piercing, Tattoos, etc)- None.


Everyday- A lilac blouse and a light blue miniskirt.

Swim wear- Hot pink bikini.

Formal clothes(or party clothes)- A slinky black dress.

Pajamas- A light pink nightgown.

Accessories(if any) Designer (insert accessory here).

Personality- Lola never had to work for anything and as such has become very good at getting things she wants without much effort. She has mastered the art of getting daddy to get her everything she wants and getting boys to do anything she wants. Lola also has the uncanny ability to get away with just about anything because she can act so innocent the only one not fooled by her act is her twin brother.

How does the character act when they first arrive/greet the other campers- She will be aloof to the others that she sees as ‘unpopular’ and very friendly to those she sees as ‘popular’.

What is she/he like around friends?- She makes herself the center of attention and will try to take over the conversation.

What is she/he like around people they don’t like?- She ignores them as much as she possibly can or be sickly sweet to them.

Things they like- Money, power, designer clothing, being in charge and she secretly likes kittens.

Things they dislike- Geeks, nerds, hard work, opera, and her bother (Sometimes).

Weak points- Lola hardly ever tries to work hard and she loves to make fun of people which could cause her to loose possible allies if caught.

Strong points- Can manipulate people very easily and can use her looks to get further in the game.

Talents- Spending money and tap dancing.

Phobia(s)- Sharks

Why are they scared of this?- Same as her brother.

Sexuality- Straight.

Paired up?- Yes.

If yes what kind of person- She would like a popular attractive guy but in reality loves smart guys.

Will they be in denial?- Not about a popular jock but would be about the unpopular one practically making fun of him on a daily basis.

How do they flirt?- Uses her looks and her charm.


What is their family and friends like?(I may be using this for future references)- Lola comes from a very wealthy and as such has gotten the finer things in life. She has become very spoiled and never dose nay work if she can help it. She likes to flaunt her money to attract guys. She also has a heated sibling rivalry with her twin brother who is older than her by only a minute. Even though they fight all the time, they will always come after those who hurt each other, a kind of ‘no one hurts my brother but me’ sort of thing. She usually hangs out with the popular people and as such is one of the most popular girls in school.

Any medical conditions?- She is allergic to peas, peanuts, etc.

Does your characters swear?- Never in front of adults but will swear up a storm otherwise especially when angry or provoked.

Challenge suggestion- Runway competition.

Audition tape(you do not need to include this, but when I read the way you write the character, I can understand the way you want the character.) We see Lola next to a large pool on a lawn chair.

Lola: (Impatient) You ready yet James?

The camera bobs up and down.

Lola: Good. I know you saw me in my brother’s tape but this time, it’ll be just you and me. I can definitely be your villain, heck no one liked Heather but she caused drama and so can I. I’m smart, cute, and popular, what else do you need? I told you why I should be on so now it’s time for my favorite activity, bash my brother. (Laughs) Hunter always hangs out with the unpopular kids and I really don’t need him to embarrass me on a national level when he already embarrasses me at school.

Hunter: Lola, what are you doing? (He sees the camera) Darn it Lola!

Lola: Oh get over your self you goody two shoes.

Hunter: Spoiled brat.

Lola: Dumb-dumb!

Hunter: Honey-butt!

This continued until.

Lola: (Furious) Opera lover!

Hunter: (Angry) You said you wouldn’t tell!

Lola: (Triumphantly) Well I lied then didn’t I?

Hunter: Yea well you’re a Kitten lover!

Lola looked at him furiously and punched his arm which again ended in a sissy slap fight. The screen went dark for a moment then we see Lola sitting on top of a tied up Hunter.

Lola: That’s what you get for when you tied me up. (She turns to the camera) Well I hope you enjoyed the video. Pick me please. (She turns to her brother) Say goodbye Hunter.

Hunter: Bite me.

Lola: No thanks.

The screen goes black.
8/9/2009 c1 5burnthrough
Name (First and Last)- Jemi Anne Parker (Just call her Jemi.)

Nickname (if any)- Jemz, Jem, or J

Gender- Female

Age- 17

Stereotype- The strong punk musician.


Hair (style and color)- Dark black hair with brown highlights on her bangs that cover her forehead (Her hairstyle is like Selena Gomez when she had her bangs.)

Eyes- Dark violet

Skin Tone- Fair skinned

Height- 5'8

Weight- 94 lbs.

Build- Average.

Other- Lip piercing, long painted black nails


Everyday- Black shorts, White tank top under a green plaid button up long-sleeve top, gray tights, and black converse high tops.

Swim wear- Black swim shorts, and a red bikini top.

Formal clothes(or party clothes)- Black fishnets, Violet knee length dress (strapless), Black pumps

Pajamas- Red plaid PJ pants, White shirt, and Black winter boots. If sleeping she's barefoot.

Accessories(if any): Skull shaped locket with a picture of her family. (She was an orphan but was taken in by an abusive family)


How does the character act when they first arrive/greet the other campers- She'd rather not talk but if they try to start the conversation she'll try to get social.

What is she/he like around friends?- She has few friends but she hass a very close relationship with them. She'd trust them with her life.

What is she/he like around people they don’t like?- Aha, she acts like a total bitch around enemies. Leave it to Jemi to get into fights, misunderstandings, and incidents.

Things they like- All Time Low baby! She is close friends with Alex (She's a character so it's not real.. ]= ), Zack, Rian, and Jack. She also loves music, Skulls and crossbones, Musical intruments, and video games.

Things they dislike- Cheerleaders, Football players, School, Arrogant people.

Weak points- When someone uses the fact that she's an abused orphan against her.

Strong points- Basically everything. She can find herself being strong even when she's thinking of waffles.

Talents- Musical instruments (Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Bass, Piano.), Video games, Boxing, Skateboarding, Sports.

Phobia(s)- Death

Why are they scared of this?- Her mother had a dream about this once and the next day she passed away in her sleep.

Sexuality- Do you mean like straight or gay? Well, she's straight.

Paired up?- Uh.. Sure.

If yes what kind of person- Someone like Duncan or Trent.

Will they be in denial?- Nah.

How do they flirt?- Umm she's actually a really good at flirting but she only does it if she really likes a guy.

Past: Basically all her family passed away when she was Ages 10 and under. Her friends are her only family and most of the time she isn't home cuz' when she is she gets beaten.

What is their family and friends like?(I may be using this for future references)- Her foster family are jerks except for her foster brother, Ty. Her friends are everything. They love each other. Even though her only friends are dudes. Brother - sister relationships with her friends.

Any medical conditions?- Nah.

Does your characters swear?- When she gets really angry.

Challenge suggestion- Umm.. Music video making? lol.

Audition tape: *Camera turns on* I'm Jemi. *Sitting in a small closet with a single light bulb for a light.* Let's just say I'm a little.. Orphan-y and Abused. *She pulls her sleeve up and it reveals a ton of bruises and cuts.* F* My Life. *She sighs. Suddenly, there's a quiet knock on the door.* "It's me, Ty. " A voice behind the door whispered. "Ty, we've tried this before. Two people don't fit into a closet like this!" She laughed. "I know. Just open the door." "NO!" *Camera is knocked down and turned off*
8/9/2009 c1 3Twilight ISN'T the best
Name (First and Last)- Olivia "Liv" Saldana

Nickname (if any)- Liv; she only answers to Liv

Gender- Female

Age- 16

Stereotype- The Preppie


Hair (style and color)- Liv wears her hair in a medium-length brown ponytail that is tied with an olive green robbon (The same shade as Courtney's ugly green pants).

Eyes- Liv has brown eyes that, in the sun, are flecked with gold.

Skin Tone- She looks like one of those stereotypical surfer girls in magazines, with perfectly tanned skin.

Height- 6'7"

Weight- 163

Build- She's tall, and the slightly muscular kind of skinny that's usually airbrushed (takes good care of her body).

Other (Birthmarks, Freckles, Piercing, Tattoos, etc)- Ugh! A preppie girl like her would never allow such things! :)


Everyday- An olive green khaki skirt with a white Oxford shirt and black ballet flats.

Swim wear- A preppy green argyle two-piece bikini.

Formal clothes(or party clothes)- Well, Liv wouldn't care if it were a formal event or not, she'd wear a white and green floral-print, kimono-style dress with green flip-flops. Yea, she's just like that.

Pajamas- A simple green night gown.

Accessories(if any)She likes to wear a very expensive string of pearls, but I think that, if you pick her, these should get either lost or broken during her time on the island.

Personality- Outside of challenges, Liv is happy, bubbly, and very social. She also has very good mannors, and the uncanny ability to have money and not act stuck-up.

Inside of challenges, she'd be a competitive, bossy know-it-all (sorta like Courtney) who couldn't stand to let someone else have the leaderhsip role.

She'd never be the one to get drunk at a party and slober all over herself, but rather the one to politely pass up on the opertunity to drink and instead talk about school.

She is also very clumsey and trips over her own feet sometimes. Her parents signed her up for ballet to try and get her balance in check, but she got even worse.

How does the character act when they first arrive/greet the other campers- She's be bubbly and polite, unless she's talking about politics. If someone disagrees with her about politics, she'd go after them with a sharp temper and large vocabulary

What is she/he like around friends?- Bubbly, polite, and she likes to give her friends hugs.

What is she/he like around people they don’t like?- She'd be critical of their apperence and attitude, and also pick fights (not the punching kind, the insult kind), or she'd ignore them.

Things they like- Plaid, argyle, pearls, being the best, school, and winning at everything.

Things they dislike- Unnatural hair colors, dumb girls, sexists, impolite people, and bad boys.

Weak points- She's awful at anything to do with balance, and during challenges can be really annoying and mean.

Strong points- She's suprisingly athletic (she likes to keep in shape, so it catches on), and, outside of challenges, is nice and bubly.

Talents- She's an excellent lacrosse player and golfer. She plays tennis and swims to keep in shape (though she's not very good) and she tries to dance ballet to keep in balance, but she's really awful.

Phobia(s)- She's deathly afriad of ceiling fans.

Why are they scared of this?- She's tall (not that tall, but still) and when she was visiting one of her friends houses she jumped up on the bed and the fan hit her on her preppy little head.

Sexuality- She's secretly bi, but only slightly. Mommy and Daddy wouldn't like that she's bi, so they don't know... yet.

Paired up?- Sure!

If yes what kind of person- Either a really fun girl, a skater guy, a preppy guy, or another preppy girl.

Will they be in denial?- Heck yes!

How do they flirt?- She would blush a lot around them, and hug them lots more than anyone else. She might 'accidentally' brush up against them, or cling to them when she's scared. If anyone pointed this out, she'd deny that it ever happened and stop talking to the person she likes for a while, glancing at them every once in a while.

Past: Liv has always been very clean, sweet and bubbly. She's always taken extra special care of her nails and hair, and she adores politics.

She started attending a private school at age 13, and made a friend there by the name of Lydia. They were tied for first place in their AP class in their Private School (I have no clue if they have AP classes in Private Schools...) and met because their teacher introduced them. They instantly became friends and have been very close even since.

After a while, Liv started having feelings for Lydia that extended beyond friendship, and Lydia noticed. They kissed one night, and Liv discovered herself to be bi. They dated 9unbeknownst to Liv and Lydia's parents) but soon missed their relatinship as 'just friends', and broke up. They're still friends, but not very close.

What are their family and friends like?- Mommy sells makeup, and is almost never home, and Daddy owns a big company. The family comes from old money, but Liv's parents still work hard at their high-paying jobs.

Mommy, when she's around, is a very vain, very young, and very critical woman. She's judge everyone on their looks, and insist that's she's twenty-something (though that obviously isn't true).

Daddy, when he's around, is a short-tempered man who is always trying to sell people locker organizers (part of his mysterious company). He calls Liv 'Pumpkin Princess' and loves to pop in at just the wrong moments to hug her and embarass her (he carries around pictures of her in her 'sparkle pumpkin princess' costume from last Halloween).

Any medical conditions?- Nope.

Does your characters swear?- Occasionally, but she'd have to be really annoyed.

Challenge suggestion- Hm... how about a lacrosse tournament, or a scavenger hunt?

Audition tape- If you really need one, I'll send it to you seperatly when I can think of one. Right now, I can't think up a single thing.
8/9/2009 c1 kitsune818
Name: Seth Fujimoto

Nickname: Chopper

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Stereotype: Karate/Manga Otaku


Hair: Brown mullet

Eyes: Brown

Skin tone: Tan

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 150

Build: Muscular


Everyday: Red tee, jeans, white sneakers

Swimwear: Red trunks w/ flame pattern

Formal clothes: Black suit, black pants, red tie

Pajamas: White tee, red boxers

Accessories: Manga book (if that counts)

Personality: Seth is your average Japanese kid. He often practices honing his karate skills by chopping wooden planks, which got him his nickname. When he's not doing that, he's reading his manga, which he always has with him (his favorites are Naruto and Bleach). Seth also loves challenges and can never turn one down. Most importantly, though, is his friendly attitude. Seth is always up for making new friends, and will stick up for said friends when they're being bullied.

How does Seth act when he first arrives/greets the other campers?: He'll greet everyone politely and say that he hopes they can all be friends.

What is he like around friends?: Seth likes to joke around with friends and acts like himself

What is he like around people he doesn't like?: He'll try to be polite around them, but if they really tick him off, he just might get into a fight with them

Things he likes: Chopping planks, reading manga, making friends

Things he dislikes: Bullies, snobs

Weak points: He's often too trusting of others

Strong points: His strength, and his kind personality

Talents: He can chop a stack of ten wooden planks clean in half

Phobia: Chiroptophobia, or fear of bats

Why is he scared of this?: He wandered into a cave once and was swarmed by bats

Sexuality: Straight

Paired up?: Yes, please

If yes, what kind of person: Any girl that you think he'd like

Will he be in denial?: Maybe at first

How does he flirt?: Acts like himself, maybe try to impress her with his strength


What are his family and friends like?: His father, Kai, is half Japanese, while his mother, Laura, is Canadian, making Seth one fourth Japanese. Kai is tall with brown hair and eyes. He is also Seth's karate trainer. Laura is a woman with red hair and blue eyes who often wears glasses.

Does your character swear?: No, he uses alternatives for swearing such as "What the flip?" and "Heck, no!", however, he will say "crap" and "suck".

Audition tape: What's the haps, Camp TV? The name's Seth, and this is my audition. I feel I would be an awesome competitor for your show. For one thing, I'm a nice guy, so it should be really easy for me to get along with the others. I'm also pretty strong, so I could handle most of the physical challenges. If you want proof, watch this (camera expands to show Seth chopping a stack of wooden planks in half) Not bad, right? So if you want your show to have high ratings, you know who to pick-me! (does a karate kick, but kicks the camera, which sends it flying) OH! OH! OH CRAP! OH MAN! (camera lands on the ground) Is it broken? (camera shuts off)
8/9/2009 c1 28Ellie Slaughter
I love these :)

Name (First and Last)- Marissa Williams

Nickname (if any)- none

Gender- Female

Age- 17

Stereotype- The Cheerleader


Hair (style and color)- Brown curly hair that comes to her upper back

Eyes- Light Brown

Skin Tone- Tanned

Height- 5'9"

Weight- 137

Build- Slender and curvy

Other (Birthmarks, Freckles, Piercing, Tattoos, etc)- None


Everyday- A denim short skirt, a Hollister shirt, and flip flops.

Swim wear- An Abercrombie bikini thats navy blue and has red anchors.

Formal clothes(or party clothes)- A little black dress.

Pajamas- A Pink pj set thats capris and a tank top

Accessories(if any) a bracelet and a ring on her left middle finger

Personality- Marissa is bubbly and nice. She loves to laugh and isnt a fool either. She hates it when people think that and she becomes defensive of that. She loves meeting new people and having fun anyway possible. She can also be immature sometimes and really doesnt care because she always says: You're only young once.

How does the character act when they first arrive/greet the other campers- She smiles and sort of keeps to herself until someone comes up to her then she'll talk.

What is she/he like around friends?- She is always smiling and laughing

What is she/he like around people they don’t like?- She keeps to herself because she believes in karma and one day they'll get theirs.

Things they like- Cheering, dancing, smiling, laughing, hanging out with friends, seeing her friends happy.

Things they dislike- People who thinks she is dumb, rude people, mean people, and meat

Weak points- Confidence

Strong points- Cheering and flexibilty

Talents- Gymnastics and cooking

Phobia(s)- Falling down the sewer

Why are they scared of this?- Because her older brother told her that if she stayed overtop of the sewer she would fall in.

Sexuality- Straight

Paired up?- Yes

If yes what kind of person- Someone who is nice and funny and attractive.

Will they be in denial?- Yes

How do they flirt?- She really doesnt know when she flirts but she tends to hang out with them more than others and smile a lot.

Past: Marissa's mother and father were high schol sweethaerts and had her when they were married. She has always been liked for being so nice to others and stays out of the drama but the drama always comes to her. She lives in Maine with her older brother.

What is their family and friends like?(I may be using this for future references)- Her mom and dad us really nice and her brother is sarcastic. Her friends are bubbly and loud.

Any medical conditions?- none

Does your characters swear?- Nope

Challenge suggestion- A workout marathon

Audition tape(you do not need to include this, but when I read the way you write the character, I can understand the way you want the character.)

A girl thats smiling turns on the camera.

"Moshi Moshi! Haha, thats japanese for hello. Well Im Marissa and I want to be on Camp TV because I like trying new things and I know this will be fun. Im competive and nice. I know drama follows me where ever I go so better rating for you." She smiles brightly. "Well Ciao!" She smiles and chuckles. "Thats French for bye. Bye and pick me!"

I hope yuou liked her :)
8/9/2009 c1 7randomstorymaster
Name- Maddisen Shalner

Nicknames- Maddie, Madd



Stereotype- Wannabe


Hair- Dirty Blond in a side ponytail

Eyes- Hazel

Skin Tone- Tan


Weight-125 pounds

Build- average

Other- ring-shaped earings


Everyday-Blue t-shirt, khaki skirt, converse high tops

Swim wear-blue one piece

Formal clothes-blue dress, blue headband, blue high heels

Pajamas-blue underwear


Personality-Maddisen just wants to fit in with the rest of the campers. She always feels insecure. She can be fooled easily.

How does the character act when they first arrive/greet the other campers- Nervous; tries to make friend with everybody.

What is she/he like around friends?- Nervous

What is she/he like around people they don’t like?- Tries to make friends with them.

Things she likes-People who like her

Things she dislikes-Being ignored

Weak points-Her gullibility, her insecurity

Strong points-Being liked

Talents-Can defuse a bomb even under pressure

Phobia- Being ignored

Why are they scared of this?- She wants to have friends


Paired up?-Yes

If yes what kind of person-Someone who will make her feel more secure

Will they be in denial?-Kind of

How do they flirt?-Akwardly


What is their family and friends like?-Her parents convince her to make friends, she is an only child

Any medical conditions?-none

Does your characters swear?-Depends on who she's with

Challenge suggestion-none

Audition tape-Scene opens to reveal a young girl in a classroom.

Maddisen: Hi, I'm Maddisen. I'M auditioning for CAMP TV because, well, I need to make friends. Please accept me, because I'm not so sure anyone at school likes me any-


Madd: Um, gotta go (turns phone off)
8/9/2009 c1 3Kunnaki
Application Form:

Name (First and Last)- Yami Long (Long is his first name)

Nickname (if any)- Dragon

Gender- Male

Age- 17

Stereotype- Lone Wolf


Hair (style and color)- His hair is black and usually in a ponytail that goes to his mid-back. When it’s wet, it becomes undone, and flows down to his back. However, he doesn't usually show his hair, because he is always wearing a do-rag. Also has a bit of facial hair on his chin.

Eyes- Black with a look of loneliness in them.

Skin Tone- Black with 1/3 of Asian from his mom’s side.

Height- 5’7

Weight- 162 lb.

Build- He isn't built like bodybuilders, but isn't weak either. He has a six-pack, which he doesn't like to show off, because he is embarrassed about it.

Other (Birthmarks, Freckles, Piercing, Tattoos, etc)- Has a purple dragon tattoo on his upper right arm.


Everyday- A large black pullover hoodie. 'Nothing is normal.' is written on the front in white and a large Yin/Yang symbol is on the back.

Wears a t-shirt underneath

Long faded denim blue jeans

White and Black Nikes

A blue do-rag

A white baseball cap

Kitsune is either around his neck or in his jacket.

Swim wear- Light blue swim trunks with white flame designs on them and a light blue t-shirt with a Japanese symbol on it.

Formal clothes(or party clothes)- A blue long buttoned up shirt with a black and blue tie. Long black church pants, with black church shoes and black socks. Also wears do-rag.

Pajamas- A red t-shirt with a black dragon on the front and red long basketball gym shorts. Also sleeps with do-rag on.

Accessories(if any)- Has a number of different colored do-rags and caps. Also, his fox, Kitsune.

Personality- Long is what you would call a 'lone wolf'. He is one who prefers solitude, or to work alone, than as an entire group. He is aloof and emotionally unable or unwilling to directly interact with people. This is only due to him not being able to trust anyone around him. Due to losing many of his closest friends on the streets, Long isn't too eager to make friends anytime soon. This is only because he is afraid of being betrayed or hurt again. He doesn't smile much as his face is mainly hidden by the hood of his jacket. If he does smile, you should take a picture for this is a rare occasion. He is mostly always serious and very dark, often glaring at times, but not always. In shorter terms, Long is a like 'a crab, unwilling to come out of his shell'. The only love Long has given and received is too his pet fox, Kitsune, whom he found and rescued while on the streets. Their love and loyalty to each other is second to none.

How does the character act when they first arrive/greet the other campers- He will not speak to anyone when he first arrives. They mean nothing to him, and he means nothing to him. When he first arrives, his philosophy will be, "Stay out of my way, and I will stay out of yours." His fox, Kitsune, tends to think the same way.

What is she/he like around friends?- When he's around friends, Long is more open and smiles more. He'll tend to glare less and speak more. His philosophy for friends is, "You have my back, and I'll have yours." His fox, Kitsune, will also be friendly and will lick all those who his master enjoys.

What is she/he like around people they don’t like?- When he's around enemies, Long tends to ignore them and walk right by them. However, if they bother him or someone he really cares about, he will come back at you ten times stronger than what you did. Kitsune will also growl at you and threaten to bite you if come closer to him.

Things they like- Peace, Quiet, Being by himself, the moon, reading poetry, the dark, being ‘weird, his gun, anything related to Japan or China, Kitsune

Things they dislike- Loud noise, idiots, bullies, followers, violence, being 'normal', people who are two-faced, pretty boys.

Weak points- Isn't exactly a team player.

Strong points- Is an excellent thinker and planner. Knows how to get things done.

Talents- Remembers things easily, is an expert gunman, and isn't easily scared of Death.

Phobia(s)- Blood

Why are they scared of this?- When he was still on the streets, his friend was shot, and he was transported to the hospital, where the doctors gave him surgery. There was a lot of blood involved and his friend passed away. When he looked, he saw his friend's blood on his hands and he soon started hypervenaliting. He suddenly screamed out loud, and fainted.

Sexuality- Straight

Paired up?- Yes

If yes what kind of person- A loner type girl, like him. Or a smart, funny, and sweet girl. Not a Queen Bee.

Will they be in denial?- In the beginning, because he believes that no girl could ever really love him.

How do they flirt?- Long tends to be discreet in public, but in private will give all the love he can to his girl.

Past: Long was born in Queens, NY to his mother and father, who had him by accident. He was born an orphan after his parents abandoned him and he became a victim of gang violence. He ended up in a gang called the Purple Dragons. He's been with them since he was five, but left with he was 12, so he could his life back on the right track. He started work odd jobs and studying hard to get into a good school, and surprisingly, he succeeded. However, he was still up for cash, and with taking care of his new pet fox, Kitsune, whom he found on the streets, money was hard to come by. Upon hearing rumors of a contest that was giving away prize money, Long and Kitsune decided to enter, with nothing stopping them.

What is their family and friends like?(I may be using this for future references)- Has no family. Mom and Dad abandoned him when he was young, and all his friends who were in his gang, are either dead or in jail. Only friend he has is Kitsune.

Any medical conditions?- Has a sleeping disorder, meaning he will fall asleep at random times without meaning too.

Does your characters swear?- When's he pissed off. Though he doesn't mean too. Only says it, because he thinks it makes him tough.

Challenge suggestion- 1. The Talent Competition from TDI.

2. Have the campers face their worst fears.

3. Split the campers in teams of two, and put them all in a maze. First team that makes it out gets a prize. The last team that makes it out gets kicked off.

Audition tape- *Video comes on and shows Long wearing his white cap and hoodie on* "Hi. This is Long. Let me take you on a tour of the streets." *Walks around Queens, showing various sites of his childhood and stops at one run-down building called Paradise* "Paradise. Yeah, right. *Walks into building and camera goes blank for a bit, but then turns on in a worn-down room. In the corner, a small fox is sleeping in the corner* This is my and Kitsune’s home. I'm looking for a new place with Kitsune’s help, cause this place is certainly not a paradise. But since I'm short on money, I currently have to stay here in this God-forsaken place. So, this is why I'm joining TDE. For the money and only that. Later." *Video goes off*

Anything Else: Carries a .50 Caliber with him. Also, he has a pet fox named Kitsune, who follows him everywhere by hanging on his neck. And if you pick him, try not to make him talk so much until later in the story. Thanks.
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