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1/3/2010 c24 4author999
Oh my heck. Lola is actually gone…wow. I did not see that coming but then again I was hoping for a much greater fall from grace for Lola. But hurray Hunter is still here and I must admit I’m loving the Logan and Jemi romance. I can’t believe that this is already almost done. You are a marvelous author and I hope you update very very soon.
1/3/2010 c24 5burnthrough

Words can not describe how

happy I am for Logan and Jemi.

Yes. Lola's gone.

Now the world is good again.

Oh, and sorry I haven't been updating in a while.

I have to go places a lot more often :/
1/2/2010 c24 6Realityshowfan
BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST CHAPTER EVER! REALLY, THAT WAS AMAZING! Once again, my heart almost stopped at elimination. I even let myself get all dissapointed when i learned that the final 2 was Lola and Logan... then just to have my heart lift again! Also... i really loved this challenge! I think this one was WAY more creative than the stupid Spin The Bottle one they did to the final 3 in the real TDI! Oh, and by the way, did i mention that you were a AWESOME author? You have Logan so down! And dont even get me started on him and Jemi... 'cuz i love them so much! Today was a major breakthrough for the couple, and i loved every heart jerking moment of it! He finally broke down and confessed his feelings, and i'm so proud of him for it! Wow, i've never gotten this emotional over one of my characters before! Great job!
1/2/2010 c24 1Burstofitall
Woohoo, nice chapter! :D LOLA IS GONE! :D

YAYAYAYA! Lolz, happy new year, and merry Christmas back! :D
1/2/2010 c24 kitsune818
Did you upload a previous chapter on purpose as a sort of test, or was this an accident?
1/2/2010 c24 3Shikamaru's Twin
Either I'm psychic and knew everything in this chapter before hand or... you uploaded a previous chapter again since I think Helena already went home...
12/24/2009 c23 4author999
Another great chapter. Sorry I didn't review earlier. I can't believe that Lola AND Hunter are both there, I really thought Hunter would have gone already. Still happy though and can't wait for the nect chapter. Merry Christmas/Happy holidays.
12/21/2009 c23 1Burstofitall
:( Oh well. At least Alex is still in the game! :D I am rooting for her! :D
12/21/2009 c23 6Realityshowfan
AWESOME! I THINK THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST ONE YET! First of all, great idea for a challenge! I love the idea of them redoing every challenge they've already done! Poor Ronald! But it's sweet that he did it to get Alex's attention! But i love the role Logan played in this story... Especially in the talent show! I totally saw that happening in my head! GREAT job! Your writing style just keeps getting better and better, and i can't help noticing how well your descriptions play out!
12/20/2009 c23 TintinSaysRawr
I love those songs x]

Great chapter.

Poor Ronald.
12/20/2009 c23 kitsune818
I can't believe this! So Ron lied about his amnesia the whole time? That just came as a surprise to me. The flashback combo challenge was a great idea! HA! Logan can play the flute! I almost busted a gut! NO, not Ron! WHY? I don't mean any disrespect to Alex or anything, but with me, Ron, Jace, and Riley, we had a good chance of Alex winning. Now it's just Alex against the rest of the campers: that's four against one! Alex, if you're reading this, you listen to Ron and pull through to the very end, alright? It might look bad now, but I know you can pull this off. You have my support all the way! Now go, and knock 'em dead, soldier! Chopper, out!
12/17/2009 c1 Me
Application Form:

Name (First and Last)- Amelia Jenivive

Nickname (if any)- Amy (She hates the name Amelia)

Gender- Female

Age- 16

Stereotype- Punk/Tomboy/Goth


Hair (style and color)- Long ponytail, blonde with black highlights

Eyes- Blue, sparkly

Skin Tone- Light skin

Height- 5'4

Weight- 100 lbs


Other (Birthmarks, Freckles, Piercing, Tattoos, etc)- Tattoo on her stomach of a devil, but its really small. Both ears are pierced. One normal and one higher on both. She has her belly button pierced.


Everyday- Black T-Shirt with a pattern of skulls.

Swim wear- Black bikini with one skull on the top.

Formal clothes(or party clothes)- Black dress with the bottom ripped.

Pajamas- Black tank top that shows her belly button, and black shorts.

Accessories(if any)- Black cuff bracelets with spikes.

Personality- Tough, Sweet, A little gothic.

How does the character act when they first arrive/greet the other campers- Amelia smiles. "Sup." She says. She nods her head.

What is she/he like around friends?- Nice, sweet, cool. Friendly.

What is she/he like around people they don’t like?- Strong, evil, angry.

Things they like- Skulls, Black, Dark colors, friends, cats,

Things they dislike- Pink, preps, The term "Dumb blonde" because she is really smart.

Weak points- Is too rough with people. Doesn't know own strength.

Strong points- Is strong. Really Funny.

Talents- Writing, reading, boxing.

Phobia(s)- Spiders, Tigers.

Why are they scared of this?- A spider almost killed her sister. When she was at the zoo a tiger bit her BFF.

Paired up?- Has a crush on Jake...

If yes what kind of person- Cute, smart, nice.

Will they be in denial?- A little.

How do they flirt?- Amy bites her nails, and smiles a LOT. Jake smiles a lot.


What is their family and friends like?(I may be using this for future references)- Friends are either preppy or gothic like her. Her family thinks shes OK. Her sister is a complete prep.

Any medical conditions?- No.

Does your characters swear?- Sometimes, on occasion.

Challenge suggestion- Dip someone into a heated pool with pirana.

Audition tape- Clicks on camera. "Hey whats up?" She says. Its set in a bedroom, seems all black with posters everywhere. "Well, I'm kinda bored and I figured, why not audition, you know? Um, I guess I should go now. Cuz yeah.. Uh..." Some girly voice screams "EWW! THERES A COCKROACH IN THE BATHROOM!" Amy screams "SHUT UP YOU *beep*! Can't you see I'm *beep*-ing! Sorry... Um... Well I like boxing, and uh... OH YEAH I love Writing and drawing and I REALLY love... reading... Bye!" "AMY" Her sister screams again. "*BEP* YOU *bep*"
12/15/2009 c22 4author999
Once again, a great chapter. I was worried there for a moment about Hunter but he would never quit. Can't wait for the next chapter.
12/14/2009 c22 6Realityshowfan
Yay, awesome chapter! Loved it, Loved it, Loved IT! You have Logan down so well, and i am SO glad you aren't making him into another Duncan! Like, i've submitted him into some other storys, who basically use him like a model of Duncan, and you don't do that! Logan has anger issues, he smokes, and he can be really mean to his girl... you so have him down! I am really banking on Jemi to win! I hope Logan get's really far, (I am hoping that he gets into the final 4), but he doesn't really deserve to win, but his girlfriend does! So do a lot of people! I was so scared that he was going to be eliminated! My heart stopped! Bye Sam! You were a great competitor!
12/14/2009 c22 kitsune818
So we've finally hit the halfway mark, huh? I was wondering when the cooking challenge was gonna come up! Oh, Logan, you lost the bet, dude! Sam, you truly were a worthy opponent, bro. Alex, Ron, congrats! You made it to the final 6! You're almost there! And I'm still rootin' for ya! Bring Lola down for me! Can't wait for the next challenge! Laters!
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