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8/29/2010 c8 KissMeOnTheSideWalk
Amazing chapter! ... As usual of corse your stories are always amazing!
8/3/2010 c7 9rogue4ever
amazing story

keep writing!
7/24/2010 c6 JustTifani
Please update soon! This is really good!

I kinda expected Landon to be like, a really good friend or something. Not her brother!

Please please please with a Joe on top update soon!
2/12/2010 c5 EALRunaway
You updated! YAY! So we know who he is and have somewhat of his motives. Uh oh. That can't be good. Wonder why he wants them dead. Good chapter! Can't wait for more!
2/9/2010 c5 17NicholeAimeeSkylar
Yay! You're (sorta) back! It's Taylor, but I was forced to share an account with a friend, hence the changed username. Well, I hope you stick around for a little while. Oh and great chapter/story/update.
11/5/2009 c4 EALRunaway
Aw, how cute. Mitchie sure has a bad experience with people. Good chapter!
11/5/2009 c2 24Adoxagraphy.Angelus
This is good. Great job.
11/5/2009 c1 Adoxagraphy.Angelus
This is good.
10/5/2009 c3 2Midnight Callwel
Argh. You can't just do this, you know. Just leave everyone hanging. It's cruel and unusual. What's going on with Mitchie and him and why are the Lucas brothers here?
10/4/2009 c3 1LivingInTheNow
ah if only the chapter was longer!
10/4/2009 c3 EALRunaway
I wonder who the bad guy could be. Obviously there was some kind of contest. Good chapter!
10/4/2009 c2 EALRunaway
So its the Lucas brothers. Good chapter!
10/4/2009 c1 EALRunaway
Sounds good. I liked the chapter!
8/13/2009 c2 32Alyssa4Music4Life
Loved it so far! Sorry I didn't review the first chapter, I haven't had a chance to read all my emails until recently. Keep going, its an awesome story so far!
8/11/2009 c2 11razzledazzle96
this sounds like a good story even if i am pretty confused. update as soon as you can!
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