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for The Truth About the Madrigals

1/21/2010 c6 Lapulta
OMG that was so awesome! Like Amy is Alive? What does the stuff do to her? And Ian? Come on! Make them Kiss!

1/21/2010 c6 4Arcy911913
This chapter just made my day!
1/21/2010 c6 46Joelle8
I hope this still ends up being Ian/Amy! I love them! A great chapter, like always; would you mind updating them sooner? Please? The wait is too long!
1/21/2010 c6 12charonmilkcat
OH WOW that was a GREAT chapter! The Liquid thing was bery clever! please update! I want to see they're expressions! update!
1/10/2010 c5 jjohnson97108
love the story i love the confident strong amy
12/29/2009 c5 AGB
This ROCKS! Everyone thinks that they will b Madrigals, and it's so cool how u made Madrigals b regular Cahills, selected from all the branches instead of having it just b another sibling. I mean, that's cool 2, but no one would think that Amy could b in a different branch than Dan, and it seems like something that would happen. I think Amy really needs 2 b able 2 stand on her own, and she definitely can now. She reminds me of Tally Youngblood from the Uglies series, or Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. They rock! Great work so far! Luved it!
12/27/2009 c5 InWayTooManyFandoms
jeez the prize is the phillosiphers stone, amy and dan figured that out in the 3rd book duh!
12/17/2009 c5 jesica
that was amazing i cant wait to read the next chapter does amy see ian again what about zack. OMG!
12/16/2009 c5 21101.jade
Update ! Update! Update!
12/16/2009 c5 anonymous
Let's keep it short. I will love you if you update. I will hate you if we do not.

Sorry, that felt like something a spy would say, and after that I'm kind of in a spyish mood. Haha. Anyway love the story. There are so many ian/amys though, I think an amy-jonah would be slightly interesting, or at least, you know, different. But I know you probably won't even think about it and will laugh you pants off when you read this review. I think Jonah has potential as a character. He could be that person who pretends that he's all that because he wants to be loved, and wants to matter in the world, or because he's had bad past experiences. So Amy could help him cure that, but if it's Ian/Amy, then I have to say, aside from the whole, hiding out, Amy's a Madrigal and Dan's not thing, this story is good, but sounds a lot like at least two other stories I've read on Fanfiction.

Whether it's Ian-Amy or Jonah-Amy, just update, ok? For your readers! HEARTS!
12/12/2009 c5 6music4evah
Wow, this turned out better then I thought it would. Really, it did. The only thing I really have a complaint about...

WHAT? Dan can't just be GONE from her life! No fair!

Ok, now that I'm done with that, I know, it's logical. She can't just leave for two years, and then come back, saying, 'How you been, Dan? I've missed you!' Even though it's the truth. But maybe...

Oh! Oh! Oh! Pick me! Yes! (Please excuse my weirdness.) Dan should find Amy, and Amy's nervous for the first time in forever, and she's trying to be like, 'Hey, Dan. What's up?' But Dan's MAD at her. REALLY mad. And then IAN shows up, 'cause he was working with Dan. Even BETTER! They were tailing them to get that last clue! Oh, I am a genius. But then again, you probably came up with that too...So...I'll probably like this story. A lot. Things will get dramatic, tense, and funny.

I'm rather excited now. :]

Love, music4evah
12/11/2009 c5 25babydon'tletmefall
I love this story its cool keep going it's ROCKIN I love it i hope that you update soon i love it UPDATE
12/11/2009 c5 13Mysterious12
12/11/2009 c5 Stormfang
Great chapter! Please update soon!
12/11/2009 c5 um. 39 clues lover
nice but i kinda want amy to be with Ian anywayz this jack character sounds cool
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