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for The Truth About the Madrigals

12/11/2009 c5 4Arcy911913
Woah...Didn't see that coming.
12/10/2009 c5 Hermione Granger
I like the chapter but I found it sad about Amy and Dan. Dan working with the "Cobras" seems a bit wierd, seeing that he hates them more than Amy. But it still is a great story. PLEASE keep writing.
12/10/2009 c5 geromeee
That was easily the best chapter ever,in the history of ever.
12/10/2009 c5 46Joelle8
Well, I guess that's one way it could work. I hope Amy meets Dan again though! And Ian... :-D
12/10/2009 c5 12charonmilkcat
OMG i LOVE the new Amy! she's like a special in the uglies series. Except she's not cruel. wow update! I also want to read about Ian's expression if he finds out. update!
12/10/2009 c5 3Vulpeculis
hello! i'm back! yeah! i love it! amy and dan aren't in the same branch issad though. the lucians have to find them! ian and dan defiantly have to find amy! totally! update soon!
12/1/2009 c4 EM98
11/30/2009 c4 ayiopop
11/30/2009 c3 ayiopop
11/24/2009 c4 6music4evah
Ok, first, NELLIE, YOU ROCK! Nobody should EVER have alcohol, and I'm VERY mad that Dan did!

But the real thing that bugs me, is that there is no possible way that Amy and Dan could be in different branches. Not possible. And from what I've gathered from the book series, the Madrigals are like rogue Cahills. You're not just randomly a Madrigal. So I think that was rather strange, because how can a brother and sister be in different branches/group/thingy? They can't.

That's all I got. Good grammar and spelling! :]

Love, music4evah
11/22/2009 c4 geromeee
no*takes drink of water* o-to be continued...
11/22/2009 c4 clueless c
Please please pleasae please please PLEASE write more!
11/22/2009 c2 clueless c
i love it so far!
11/21/2009 c4 um. 39 clues lover
nice interesting, mind if you explain why they are different. and plus there is nothing going on between Ian/Amy oh and Jonah is just wrong, I can't believe he is interested just because was wearing new clothes. oh and that phrase was prefect loved it. And if Amy is technically a Lucian does that mean... you know what. write soon.
11/21/2009 c4 4Arcy911913
Like the way how Crystallin told her she was a Madrigal.
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