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for You Get What You Ask For

6/17/2012 c1 thelunaticaword
Oh my gosh this was extremely sexy!
11/17/2010 c1 11bangbangbang.x
You should definitely do a sequel kinda thing to this. Like whats gonna happen when Ted and Cody meet at Ted's house... :) xx
6/4/2010 c1 9Liz811
"Yes Father"

Hot hot.

11/7/2009 c1 Elee91
...I feel like I'm headed straight for hell now because that was so kinky and hot. ...A preist...Lord forgive me for finding slash so good, and finding this story so hot!
8/16/2009 c1 67LegacyChick
o.O. hot hot hot hot hot... geez, I loved it!

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