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for A new Witch

3/19 c18 Guest
Can we please have some more?

Im really enjoying this
5/23/2021 c10 StemmedRose
loving this, but how is Sandra Starwood, Lady Silverwood?
9/12/2020 c18 paulk4268
I love this story. Can't wait for more.
12/9/2019 c18 Saetania SaDiablo
I love it so far please update soon
12/5/2019 c18 5rock redemption
Brilliant story and I eagerly await its continuation! So wonderfully well-written and perfectly aligned with the source material, this story is as beautifully crafted as it is mesmerizing in narrative.
4/28/2019 c18 Alwabe
Love the story. Absolutley great characters, and plot. I am kinda bummed that you are going to try and finish this in only a couple of chapters, it could go so far. I know it is a story of the NextGen of the Blood, but would be nice to have a couple of scenes with Daemon and his father. they always cracked me up the the trilogy, especially when Lucivar is around being his usual self!
1/8/2019 c16 3Kuroki Kitsune
Despite this story not having been updated in four years I still find myself hoping to see a new chapter. I have read and reread this story numerous times already. You have such a great development of characters so why just stop? This is one of those stories people get attached to and then cry when they realize that it’s gone dead.
9/3/2018 c1 33y24
Veri n1c3ncEst0rivT
12/13/2017 c17 IntellectualBadass333
Please update!
7/22/2017 c17 Guest
This is a truly wonderful AU for this BJT. More Please?
3/26/2017 c17 StemmedRose
Wonderful story, I am really enjoying it and am wondering if you plan to continue it?

If you do, is there a level of detail you need for suggestions regarding miss spellings?
7/16/2016 c17 Guest
I have enjoyed this story. I hope it will be completed one day
6/25/2016 c17 Tiryn
Sorry, too lazy to log in at the moment.

I am honestly very happy that you have not dropped this story! I love it to bits and can't wait to read for more!

Now for the chapter itself - I'm honestly on the Arina's side here. It does seem like everyone is making it seem like she should know exactly what she is doing and why, and honestly, her statement of being put into a gilded cage is pretty accurate from my standpoint. She's trying to be the best she could be with the information she is trying to learn, and taking away Janos was a very, very bad move. In my perspective, it suddenly seemed like she was being restricted in what she could do, and honestly she is an independent woman who has been essentially abused and is more used to taking care of herself and not worrying about others at all.

But then I kind of see where Quinn is coming from, and I do feel bad that he feels that he will never honestly make it up with his queen.

Overall, wonderful chapter, can't wait to see when the avian dreamer comes by, and how everyone reacts to her blood moon incident :D
6/24/2016 c17 textbug3115
more please!
3/31/2016 c17 Marlea
I really enjoy the idea of someone from our world suddenly finding themselves in the world from the Black Jewels series. I can't wait to read the rest. :)
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