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12/31/2020 c12 spanky1988.ajw
Can't wait for chapter 13!
10/21/2020 c12 Gertsog LK
Russian for "What?" "Что?"("Chto?"), no "Какой?". Какой which.
Привет из России!
10/19/2020 c12 303Major Mike Powell III
Well, well, Omega-kun~

Hoo-rrah! 1st Review, Btches~!

Haaaah~ Maaan...maaaaan it feels good. :3 This feels so good. *O* Reading and reviewing a new chapter in this spectacular story is just...haaaaah~ If only I could leave a signed review on every chapter multiple times to recapture the magic.

11 years since this story started and you're still giving it all the love you possibly can. Thank you, Omega-kun. :3

This was...(swoons) Haaaah yeeessss...yessss...khoroshoooo~ *O* Finally. Finally, finally, after so long, Yuri, Yuri, sweet Yuri-chan Dearest gets added~ The doors open up for her, the doors to Alice and Tora's big, big, loving hearts. *O*

The lovemaking was absolutely heart-racing and crotch-throb-inducing~ It wasn't an all-out porno. The dicks didn't fly at the speed of spunk. The womanly juices weren't spilling absolutely everywhere. Alice didn't just fuck Yuri-chan Dearest into a ahegao'd stupor. Hell, Tora gave, but she never received.

And y'know what? That is perfect. :3 This was just~what it needed to be. It was so sweet, so sweet, so heartwarming, so beautifully and elegantly sexy, tasteful, *intimate.* That's the key word. *Intimate.* Mmmmmmmmmmm. I love it.

This was amazing, Omega-kun. Welcome back. :3 Now...update ASAP! That's an order~! ;3

Semper-Fi! Carry on!
1/23/2018 c11 spanky1988.ajw
Can't wait for chapter 12 my buddy!
11/13/2017 c11 Major Mike Powell III
Well, well, brother~

Hoo-rrah! 1st Review, Btches!

Haaaaah~! (Sweet Sigh of Satisfaction) Mmmhmmm~! Yes. At last, man~ Ohhh hooh, at least. You finally came back to this, your baby, this tale of love, lust, passion, romance, acceptance and happiness, and the stars of this chapter; the puppeh, Pamela, my Siberian Lily, the kitteh, Tora and the cutiest of futanari patooties, Alice, enjoyin' themselves and enjoyin' each other to their hearts' content. *O*

This was just gorgeous, sexy, romantic, oh so incredibly lewd and sweet and sexy and...mmmmhmmm~! *O* Oh I love this so~much.

Yuri and Pamela getting...reacquainted~with each other's gorgeous bodies on the beach, while Tora and Alice take to the bedroom to indulge in their passion, with not one hole in Tora left unfilled with Alice's lady-spunk~ Beautiful, beautiful. *O*

This was wonderful, brother. This was absolutely wonderful! Ohhh I hope the next chapter comes sooner rather than later. *Please!* let the next chapter come sooner rather than later, 'k~? *O*

Great work! Keep it up!
Update ASAP! That's an order!

Semper-Fi! Carry on!
1/23/2015 c10 Guest
Long time no see Lord Kamen. And here I thought you forgot all about this story. But then again life must intrude and therefore priorities must be set. I did enjoy the brief tale with Tora and Alice going on their honeymoon accompanied by the smoking hot Russian policewoman Yuri. Hopefully with the addition of the Pomeranian furry this will eventually turn into the kind of four way the WWE wouldn't dare touch. So until next time, this is SV33 signing off!
1/21/2015 c10 Major Mike Powell III
Well, well, brother...

Hoo-rrah! 1st Review, Btches!

Took you long enough! (Troll Face)


Ok, sorry, just ribbin' ya there. You take your sweet-a"" time, yes, you most definitely do. However, when you deliver...(Whistles) You really DO deliver, brother.

This chapter here was worth the wait, and then some. :3

You covered pretty much all the bases to what the premise of this chapter was going to be, and you delivered exactly what you said you would, and I thoroughly enjoyed every word of it.

The love and feelz between Tora and Alice, now that they have tied the knot (and what a marvelous knot that is. LOL), the descriptions of their feelings and dedication to each other are just...*O*

And also, I REALLY enjoyed how you incorporated my darling Yuri-chan's role into the wives' honeymoon. Dat sexual tension, ohhh my! (Wavy Line) Me gusta. ;3

And then, once the trio have touched down in Spain, you introduce us to a lovely, really fluffy new furry lady: Pamela the Pom. (Whistles) Wow...again: dem descriptions. *O*

And then, that bit of "forehadowing" there, with Pamela and Yuri...I wonder what, ohhh what that little caress there may mean, and what Yuri isn't telling her beautiful friends regarding Pamela. ;3

So, outstanding work, brother! As expected of Omega-kun. Your bark is loud, and your bite is still strong, even if it the time gap between the bark and bite is REALLY long. XD

Ohhh yes! And also, because it has to be said...Alice, Alice-chan, you beautiful, gorgeous futa lingerie goddess! *O*

Update ASAP! That's an order!

Semper-Fi! Carry on!
3/20/2014 c9 Bcd4bcd
Why can't we have laws in real life like the ones in this story...I wish oh how I wish I could go to this universe
10/13/2013 c9 CanaanAlphardForever
That was quite sweet and very enjoyable. I can't properly express the love I have for this story and the absolutely amazing concept on which it is based. This is a wonderful universe, really. I'm eagerly waiting for the next amazing chapters, as I'm sure they'll be
10/13/2013 c9 Major Mike Powell III
Well, well, soldier...

Hoo-rrah! 1st Review, Btches!

(Scratches the side of his neck) This was just lovely. (Scratches his shoulder) And very...(Scratches his arm) VERY...(Scratches his other arm) SO very cute, fluffy and waffy, and...gah, it itches! DX

So, we have a brand new day for the adorable Twigers, as they share an adorable morning together, and then, the perspective switches over to the beautiful momma, Kohana and her daily routine, plus some insight into her family and of course, a nice look at how she met and did a lot of things to my darling Yuri, with Big Johnny, too. That's my girl. (Wavy Line) :3

All in all: this was cute. SO very friggin' CUTE. X3

Great work, my friend! Keep'em comin'!
Update ASAP! That's an order!

Semper-Fi! Carry on!
6/11/2013 c8 CanaanAlphardForever
Alright, so, I read your story a while ago but I forgot to review. Major Mike suggested your story to me and kicked my butt to write this review. I apologise for not reviewing earlier T-T I fail at life sometimes.

Anyway, I LOVE this weird and wonderful story. The writing is great, the characters are interesting and you make us perverts proud with all the lemons XD

I just love the whole concept in your story of complete freedom and acceptance. I'd love a world like this. Great work, really. Keep it up I can't wait for more!

2/3/2013 c8 713thprotector
Still up to this?
11/25/2012 c5 9Leonard Church814
Dude...this is some SEXY shit ; D
10/5/2012 c8 ScarletVirus33
If only mothers and daughters get along like that in real life, then the world would be a lot more peaceful. It's been awhile KRO but even with a short chapter this story remains as riveting as ever. I'd no idea that Natasha was so accomplished in the world of modeling and yet when she had Yuri (clever name by the way, heh!) she was even more driven to succeed so she can provide for her precious baby girl. Nice touch to give them some privacy while they expressed their love for one another. I can understand that we can't have them be exhibitionists all the time but just remember that they're pervs out there who count on you for their fix of "the nasty" and to have them go cold turkey like that can induce a case of the blue balls that'll lay any man low. I don't know what the female equivalent is but I'm pretty sure it can be just as debilitating and rather humbling. Just remember holmes', it's not the size of the chapter but the content that makes it memorable, which is exactly the case with the abbreviated love scene betwix Yuri and Natasha. Tell you the truth everybody should follow Natasha's example when it comes to romance: first you feed'em and then you fuck'em (TA DAA!). So until next time, SV33 out!
10/5/2012 c8 303Major Mike Powell III
Well, well, soldier...

Hoo-rrah! 1º review, btches!

Now, this was sweet, oh so very sweet, and of course, smexy as all Hell...or should I say Paradise?

Yuri-chan misses her beloved, beautiful'n smexy Momma, Jackie and Mary are now an item, Elena is just fine thanks to her dear sister Roxxy's tender, loving care, and we finally meet Natasha, sweet, mature, delicious, smexy Natasha, and of course, Ivan! *W* Seriously, that part gave me a toothache...and I loved every second of it! X3 Puppeh is SO cute! *O*

Of course, the sweet fluff complimented the smexy perfectly. That image of Yuri and Natasha making out in the buff is gonna haunt my dreams for many nights to come, I'm very much sure. (Heart)

And the-huh? It ends here?! o.O

Show us the goods, son! DX

Still, this was lovely. *W*

Outstanding work so far, Marine! Keep'em comin'!
Update ASAP! That's an order!

Semper-Fi! Carry on!
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