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4/7/2012 c15 Sara ward
I absolutely love this fanfic I've been reading alot of your others! I love them also! Please keep writing! Love, your number one fan! :)
8/4/2011 c15 5NverSayNver
Hiii.. I like this story and plot... Will you be continuingnit?
3/28/2011 c15 15Disneysara7771
Yikes! This is REALLY good! You had me close to crying at times, but also smiling like an idiot at others! Update this, or else! I love this story! I HATE Shawnia. She's getting in the way of Smitchie, and she was mean to Mitchie! She needs to leave. Fast!

Update soon,

12/6/2010 c15 3ktooty
So i'm a little late in starting this but i think it's a great story and although it's been a while I do hope you continue it :)
9/18/2010 c15 Ceecile
Finally caught up with the story, and I'm still in love with it! Hopefully you can update sometime soon?


8/5/2010 c15 1lilshawty1626

This is the BEST fanfic for Camp Rock EVER!

Wait, the best fanfic EVER!

UPdate soon!

8/1/2010 c15 9Cause in the daylight-x
I can't believe this story is almost a freaking year old! I remember reading it when you published it! Time flies so alarmingly fast that sometimes it scares me. It's already august! the 8th month in the year! 2010 is way closer to over than it is to beginning. Wow. I can't believe it.

Anyways, where have you been? :) hehe. I was wondering what happened to this story. It's back! :D and I hope it's here to stay. Poor, poor Mitchie. I hate Shawnia - what a heartless, uncaring bitch. shane's got to lose shawnia. as i said like almost a year ago, i'll say it now (hehe i looked at a review i gave for this story xD) - shawnia and shane are too similar of names lmao.

such a good story :) love it.

I hope there will be more soon!
8/1/2010 c15 4foreveryours66
i hate Shawnia.

she can go die, she's a bitch.

anyways, i love your story, i read the whole thing in an hour, it's amazing,

update soon!(:
8/1/2010 c15 livelovelife4ever14
poor mitchie not remembering anything but the guy she loved!

update soon
8/1/2010 c15 sweetcinnamonxoxo
this story is great and well written :)

im loving it.
7/30/2010 c14 1peaceandsmile
OMG 333333333333

Shawnia's a bitcch. XD

Smitchie forever !
7/30/2010 c14 33Jemi Obsessed
This story is very well written. I like your format and the way you describe the feelings. Bravo.

Xoxo, Tina
7/30/2010 c14 la di da
please finish this story!
7/29/2010 c14 3YourDreamer138
I have most definitely missed this story. It was one of the first I read on fanfiction, and it really inspired me to write. I know i haven't reviewed before, but I do regret that and will be loyal from today on :-) 'Til next time!

7/29/2010 c14 3L is for Left
i've missed this story! i'm glad u updated!
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