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7/2/2016 c6 careymulligenies
2/27/2011 c7 star trek nutcase
This was so poignant. You definitely should have added "angst" as a category - the whole son thing was so beyond sad. I felt torn between like/dislike. Not the writing, which I thought was great but while I really liked the humor in ch. 1 of Tony freaking out after talking to Gibbs - could totally picture it, the whole having another child bothered me. Just a pet peeve of mine - whenever there's an implication that the loss of one child is mitigated in anyway by the life of another - like when people say "he lost his only son" - cause hell would it hurt less if he had two sons or it had been a daughter. Again, just hit a nerve late at night. Overall, again another story of yours that I'm glad I read. BTW with respect to your A/N, forget anyone complaining about you having Ziva & Tony in bed together, it's certainly not explicit and very fitting with the relationship you have established.
1/17/2011 c7 pia
you can't leave it like this! please continue!
1/8/2011 c7 NilesLover101
Gibbs comment at the end can bring a person to tears! Great job.
1/6/2011 c7 102OliviaR5Warbler
aww bless. i think you should do the thing with the older hannah, ur really good. Although not looking forward to ziva not being on gibbs team cos of vance.
1/4/2011 c6 17DS2010
Great chapter liked how Tony and Ziva found each other and the teams acceptance of Ziva's transfer
1/4/2011 c6 1aliiahncisxx
aww so cute. Great fanfiction x :)
1/4/2011 c6 2SpecialAgentHT
Woohooo awsome name for the baby lol ;). I love the story
9/17/2010 c5 1ChangingEverSlowly
AWESOME:D continue please
9/3/2010 c5 MeganV1432
keep it up its really good
8/30/2010 c5 big.assi
Very nice story, i love it.

And that:

"Yeah. Look, Ziva, I love you, and I'm happy with you," Tony said. "That's all I need."

"Well I hope you might be okay with a little bit more," Ziva said. "I'm pregnant, Tony."

Pretty cute!

Come on, on the wrote again. ;-)

Herzliche Grüße from the real one Berlin.

8/30/2010 c5 diana teo
How did I miss this? I usually avoid stories where Tony has a son but this is pretty well plotted and not OTT at all so I think I'll stick around for the rest of it...! ;)
8/29/2010 c5 Betherzz
great chapter... but my god what bad timing for ziva to get pregnant, it might feel like to him trying to replace his son, even though he had no idea about the kid, that doesnt change the fact that it was still his son and hes still going to grieve in his own way for that child... as a mother thats lost a child its one of the hardest things to ever have to do... i didnt deal with it very well at all... i checked myself out of that hospital and ran as fast as i could to get away from all of it, i had just lost my husband and son and years later when i did get remarried, he wanted children, and i was torn, i didnt want to replace my son,but i had 3 other children and 20+ years later, i know i didnt try to replace my son, but gained a few other children along the way who my son would have loved very much... but i know what its like to be in that place, and tonys gonna go through a whole lot of emotions pissed, hurt, scared, mad, happy, sad all at once and hes gonna do it right this time and know from day one that hes gonna be a dad, or hopefully ziva told him as soon as she found out or maybe a few hours in between kinda deal but didnt wait days or weeks to tell him...love the story and i cant wait to see what comes next
8/29/2010 c5 meb
Long time no see. Can't wait to see Tony's reaction to the news.
4/24/2010 c4 3LunaZola
Maddie as cute, I like the interaction between her and Tony. :/ Oh Tony. I just want to hug him and hug him and hug him until he can't breathe! God, and McGee is being a little pissbrain. I know they like to tease each other but usually they are more sensitive towards each other than that!
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