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for Destine de l'amour

1/16/2010 c3 TheHypocrite
I think tis story was a really great idea, nice and origional, but not so much that it contradicts the storyline too much 4 kingdoms, each with the persionalities you come to expect, it's like what would happen if the four houses haden't reunited after the wizard war, I would appreciate more magic though, so far there has been a major lacking of that, I hope they all eventually learn magic, but exellant story! On chapter two, and cant wait to read more!
11/26/2009 c4 SiriuslyEpicBLACKout
i'm usually heavily against AU fanfictions, but something about this one caught my eye... now that i've read thru it, i really like it. it's awesome, and i would be sorely disappointed if u did not continue.

keep up the great work. i love this plotline!

(can't wait for lily and james. =])
8/14/2009 c2 Freakiess
continue! :D im interested!
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