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6/6/2020 c20 SupernaturalNova1981
I wanted to say I really enjoyed your story. This is my second time reading it. A few tips though, not to be mean.. just to help improve...you didn't explain how Dean was able to walk again and I imagine since Sam fell further and had massive head trauma he would have had a lot of recovery to go through, he may have even had some lasting memory/brain damage. It would have been nice to see some of the recovery and to know how Dean was able to walk again. There were some spelling/wording mistakes that made a few parts a little confusing but overall you did a great job. Keep at it, don't give up!
5/8/2015 c20 3Veritas316
I loved it! Keep writing more Teenchester. Stories! :)
11/27/2010 c20 29CeCe Away
Loved the turn of events when it went from Toby being the bad guy to Randy. I wasn't sure how they were going to get out of this one.

Ending was wonderful too, saving the real Henry. Clever and imaginative writing.
8/21/2010 c20 44KayValo87
Awesome story, beginning to end. :)

I loved the complexity, the climax, the escape, all of it. In fact, I was already recommending it to my friends before I even finished it. Great job. :)
5/13/2010 c20 1samgirl19
awwwwwww It's over Are you kidding me *sniff* i liked this story and this is a story I will undoubtedly miss it was so good
5/13/2010 c19 samgirl19
i sure do love what you did with this story
5/12/2010 c20 16Joby87
HUH! It's over! Are you kidding me!


Well, this is a story I will undoubtedly miss! Still I'm a little shocked you ended it so quickly! I'm glad that Toby helped out (and I must say it wasn't something I was expecting), and that his brother was saved. I wished there was more though!

But all in all, it was great from start to finish. I kept thinking when I clicked on here, was there another chapter that I missed. Glad you put in the message at the top, otherwise I was considering in putting myself under evaluation for Alzheimers!

Ha, just kidding.

Happy that Randy bought it. Wish we could've seen what or how John offed him. But yay, you ended it good!

Thanks MD.

Now let's see if you have anything else coming our way! Tootles!

Joby ;P
5/12/2010 c20 2MysteryMadchen
So Like I said before I really liked the turn the story took I thought it was very inventive and a wonderful idea hope to read more soon, Nicole
5/12/2010 c19 MysteryMadchen
I sure love what you did with this story, but I have one question. Was Dean's paralysis a trick of Randi's to, since Dean was able to get up and walk around when Toby took over Sam's body? And you know me I was hoping for more blind Sam, but alass I'll take what I can get, thanks so much, Nicole.
4/25/2010 c18 16Joby87
Boy, do I hope that John has a plan! Ha, I loved that Randy was getting riled because things weren't going according to plan.

But one little thing though...nothing bad, just a question. Did Randy give Dean back his hearing? Cuz he was telling him stuff and Dean reacted to Sam screaming, so I got the impression that he was able to hear though. But that's just it.

As for the torture, you did a fantabulous job with it my dear. Ouch! Grinding the bone. Whoa! I wouldn't have thought of that. That's sick, but awesome! Wow, saying that I really need to be locked up. But who cares!

Remember gore-fan! :)

I can't wait to find out what's going to happen next. I do hope John has a plan, and Sam can use his hand again. Ugh, that's gruesome! I keep cringing thinking about it. See what you've done to me? I hope you're happy! :o lol

Update asap please. Pretty please...with sugar on top. And let's not forget the cherry! ;)

4/25/2010 c18 1samgirl19
oh crap things are getting crazier and please continue soon. i hope john's got a plan in order to save sam and dean
4/25/2010 c18 supernaturalfan17
continue soon. i hope john's got a plan...
4/25/2010 c18 2MysteryMadchen
Ok so first off thank you so much for the update. Secondly I gotta say, the torture had me skworming. Well done, but I do believe now that your as demented, maybe more so then me. lol. I sure hope that Sam's blindness will come back. Please tell me that that's part of the freaks plan, to permanently blind Sam. Please pretty pretty please for me? The hand thing OMG was horrifying... Thanks so much for the update, can't wait for more, Nicole.
4/11/2010 c17 1samgirl19
omg so elizabeth is evil also oy things are getting worse and randy needs to die and the other evil adults in the room and bobby and john need to get a plan together and save the boys oh this doc is sick and crazy for what he is doing to the boys
4/11/2010 c17 2MysteryMadchen
This chapter was FANTASTIC so well done and really tied the whole story together. I really really really hope that you feel like writing the next sooner rather than later because I want to know what happens. Also I still hope that Sam is unable to see. That because he was the one effected first the blindness was permanent. I'm glad that John is talking again and hope that Dean's hearing again, but that Sam's still disabled. Torture, hm well Dean can't walk right? Or did that chance also with the reversals. Gosh I just don't know I mean it seems like everybody that could help the Winchester's are taken by the mad man. Really hope that you update soon, thanks once again, Nicole.
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