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6/10/2020 c4 RandomFF.netUser
That's the same Sammy Faraxhae who may or may not have brought down Jacky's ship, and cheated in that elder competition? She's so darn friendly...
12/13/2013 c7 127random-k
Its nice to see something about Anna! Its done very well
4/2/2013 c13 23Reaper Nanashi

And please, stay in Damcyan as long as you like. I appreciate the intent behind Anna attending school and everything—this IS a story about her WHOLE life, not just meeting Edward—but I escaped school drama a decade ago and have no urge to revisit it, so I'm not missing that part; if you want to pursue the adorableness that is Edward and Anna, feel free. I will sit right here and be an adoring audience.

Although it will mean the end, I'm VERY curious as to how Anna's magic will play into the Red Wings raid.

—RN (LS)
4/2/2013 c2 Reaper Nanashi

I just got done reading the fourth chapter of a . . . er . . . less than stellar attempt at novelizing the game, and I was REALLY irritated about the portrayal of Cecil and the total denigration of Edward's grief, and I thought back to my portrayal of Cecil in Faith and how it was well-received, and I remembered you mentioning this fic somewhere in our discussions, and I thought, "You know, I've invented a history for Edward and Anna, so I'll see what Freida's done because I know she was working on one."


The first chapter in and someone is dead. That's not exactly something I look for, mind you, but it's gutsy to present something so unpleasant so soon. You said her twin's name was Edward and I admit my first thought was, "Oh no—separated at birth!" but then Anna mentions that it 'explains what happened later,' and I thought, "Oh, I get it. Ooh!"

This was not an angle I have ever considered in the slightest, so I'm terribly curious to see where you go with it.

—RN (LS)
4/2/2010 c9 21YamiNoTomoyo
I have to admit: the summary threw me off. But then I saw that it was inspired by a Counting Crows song. I had to read.

^.^ Lovely story! I wanna see what happens. Yay! It'd be interesting to meet somebody connected however distantly to Edge, by the way!
9/25/2009 c5 34Pen and Paper71
Yay for updates. :)

Anyway, this is good. I like the teasing banter between Edward and Anna at the beginning of the chapter. They sound very much like two people falling in love. I also like the bits of foreshadowing you add in as I feel as though it adds an extra layer of connection to actual game.

Nice work.
9/20/2009 c4 Pen and Paper71
This is an interesting story. Anna is one of those characters who never gets much attention and that's always made me a bit sad as there always seemed to be more to her then the game covered, so I'm quite pleased to read a story focused on her.

You're a good writer and I like your usage of the first person in this story. And the idea of Anna being a red mage is clever. It works well.

And, as silly as this sounds, I really love some of the little, side information that you include which ties this rather nicely to the game. Things like Rydia's future parents thinking up her name and the use of Edward's original name "Gilbert". It just seems to add something to the fic.

I look forward to more.

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