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8/28/2009 c3 2IntellectualXBadarse
*Sniff* Wonderful story going on here...But Naruto pull your blond head out of the gutter and find out who it is...!

Ah, Poor SasUKE...Itachi, as much as I love him he is just a $tard in this fic...Go 2 hell Ita...

X] Loved the story...

8/27/2009 c3 Kit Vanilla
Aww, poor Sasuke. Damn Naruto can be really dumb sometimes.

And they're thinking about eachother, how sweet. Keep on a roll girly, I love this fic!

Kit X
8/27/2009 c3 kuzon234ray
Great chapter!

8/27/2009 c3 1mixmixchocolate93
poor sasu-chan...

think naruto think hard! lol

keep up the great work and im surprised

that there are only 7 revews on this story

its really really good!

keep up the great job and please upload soon!
8/24/2009 c2 1xSasuNeko
=] i like it!

8/17/2009 c2 fallingthrough11
oh cool, are you going to continue this? ^-^ i think it will go somewhere, i'm looking forward to reading more :P
8/16/2009 c2 1mixmixchocolate93
wow i like this story!

its a itasasunaru righ?

gosh upload soon please!
8/16/2009 c2 Kit Vanilla
Second chapter down already? Not bad. I didn't review the first chapter so I felt bad and thought I better review this one. As soon as I finsihed reading the first chap. I immediately put it on my story alerts list because the storyline, not completely original, but thats almost impossible these days, but it was the kinda storyline I like, so I thought it would be interesting to see what you come up with next, and you did not disappoint. This chapter was also very good, it was well written with no mistakes as I can remember and it was just really good and interesting. I'm really tired right now, but if I was more "conscious" right now I would give you heaps of adoration.. but I can. Maybe next chap, so keep writing!

Kit X
8/15/2009 c1 2LovelessXHeartlessXSoulless
i like it so far ^-^
8/15/2009 c1 thedragonninjamurcury
cant wait for the next chapter!
8/15/2009 c1 Misused
This story depressed me; in the type of way that should make you proud. I think it's a very good story. It reminds me of how my older sister use to molest me as a kid. (wierd thing is, me andher are the exact same age difference between Sasuke and Itachi; 5 years) anyway, please continue, I enjoy this story very much so far :)
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