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10/4/2009 c1 kira-chan
nice one!

hahahaha nakakatawa si len napasama sa stunts ^_^

Shouko and keiichi looked good
8/25/2009 c1 20LavLongLoveFin
Nice. ^-^

I thought they(Keiichi, Shoko) were a little OOC, but not much... And I really like the ending.

Poor Shoko! Maybe they should've skipped the roller coaster! XD

Good job!
8/24/2009 c1 Apricot-chan

its good that you finally made a LCDO fanfic xD

nice one! bongga un ate! XD

write more! lol XD

(something that will kill pepo-chan's ego LOL xD)

as for me.. i still have no idea how to start my fics.

Bahala na ako dun lol xD

update more sis! xD

8/15/2009 c1 16sera-chan011
Your first La Corda fan fiction? It's cute! XDD

I love Fuyuumi-chan and Shimizu-kun so I'm glad you made one. ;) It's really cute, thanks for the read!


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