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8/17/2010 c9 weflytothetardis
love it!
11/13/2009 c8 jessie-erin
I love your story! Its really interesting! You have to write another chapter!
10/21/2009 c8 twilightfan2007
I love the story. I think you should keep going.
10/21/2009 c8 hja0616
ok i really love your story but i have been in rush so i cant review very much but i would hate to see this story ended because of that(from others to)and i hope you update soon
10/21/2009 c7 3kk1999
This is a cute story. I want to read more.
9/13/2009 c6 sameoldyou
why did carlisle and esme need to get back to edward? the tension is killing me (still)...arrggh. another fab chapter, keep it upp!
9/11/2009 c4 sameoldyou
awwh! AWESOMEE! i was rightt! but i feel sorry for edward though...BECAUSE HE IS SUCH A JERK AND DOESNT REALISE BELLA IS IN LOVE WITH HIM AND NOW HE HAS BLOWN IT. love the story! update sooN!
9/11/2009 c1 sameoldyou
Please update this! I'm dying here! X
9/3/2009 c3 sameoldyou
Awesome! I thought it was going to be Edward! Im surprisingly okay with the whole JasperXBella thing...normally I wouldn't like it, but you wrote it well! I'm looking forward to future chapters. Love Hannah xx
9/3/2009 c2 sameoldyou
Wow! Thats really good! Its a really unique idea...and it really worked! Please continue this story...you left it on a cliffy and I really wanna know what happens!

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