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for The Fear Of Water

6/27/2010 c1 numerounofan21
dude that was amazing!
6/27/2010 c1 mitchshafan1
Stupid Tess
8/16/2009 c1 EALRunaway
Aw, that was cute. But a little vague of an ending. And if she almost drowned, why would they have to wait for a nurse? That's a crappy nurse. But it was sweet. Tess is evil! Maybe you can make it a two shot cause I want to see Tess get punished. :]
8/16/2009 c1 10BlondeBrodway28
EVIL TESS! I hope she dies in CR2... Then again everyone needs a Tess in their lives. It makes the world go round. ANYWAY! Great oneshot. Shane is so superman! ;) Haha good job!
8/16/2009 c1 32Alyssa4Music4Life
Aww I thought it was really really cute actually. Great job
8/16/2009 c1 timbit
Love it! You should tottally do a sequel showing Tess' demise and what happens to Shane and Mitchie (couple?).
8/15/2009 c1 1SirenoftheSea90
aw its cute! i like it

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