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4/10/2010 c14 SherryBird
Oh man! I thought you maybe had forgot the last chapter or something! I definetley recognize the soup-thing (flashback from my first year in high school). Great story and I'll see ya!
4/9/2010 c14 2Sunlit-Oceans
AH lof it lol. Long awaited and definitely worth the wait! Thanks for updating it, I really enjoyed this story!
4/9/2010 c14 3guerrero
YAY! You're back!

I actually gave a lottle screem whan I opened up my inbox and saw you sitting there (I'm sure my flatmates think I'm weird).

This was a great ending to the story, I really loved it!

Thank you for completing the story.
4/9/2010 c14 10Digi-Girl101
*poke* *poke* .. wow, your .. ALIVE!

THANK GOD! .. *cough* I mean, your well being is better then updates .. yup, that is what I meant. Totally ...

Anyways, I think that was a great was to end the fic! With a sick John (lmfao everybody keeps saying it, but John is just .. very cute with a cold, rofl), space-chained (not bounded, he'd bread that) Gordon, story telling Scott and a 3not-really-there-yet-present Virgil (lol not that that's a very good think to have my fav Tracy bro not there, but it was till a perfecting ending nonetheless). :]

Haha bitch got SERVED! Thats what she gets for beeing a dumbass, yo ! Haha and speaking of served, wanna know what'd be funny? Jeff & the other Tracy boy's reaction to Warton's "Food" lmfaoo. Pr better yet, Ohana's! OMG that'd be hystarical (spelt wrong .. I think ..)

On a personal note, my brother's girfriend had a the back december 26th! It was a girl, named Rachael! She's jst soo adorable! If you want mor einfo, just PM cuz this is a review!

Back to the story, it was just perfect. I can't want for the next fic, be it on-shot or multi-chaotered. Next week or Next month. I knwo you'll do a great job and hopefully have as much fun as I do reading it (.. Or playing with my neice. She's just adorabley awesome!)

This story was a great advture to read Em, so I hope it was a good one to write!

- auntie ashley!

ps: auntie ashley has a nice ring to it, don't you think ?
4/9/2010 c14 Cutiepie2191
Great to see you back again! Great ending to a great story. I love the brother combination of John and Alan, so, naturally, I loved their chat at the end. Hope to read more from you!
4/9/2010 c14 MJ2901
Thanks for finishing off the story and it was a great last chapter. Enjoyed Alan's interaction with his family and friends. Nice dose of humour as well.

Good luck with college - hopefully you will find time to write another story at some stage :-)
4/9/2010 c14 37black4minister
Oh of course you deserve it sweetie! You've just proven that you're much more dedicated than the rest of us currently in full time education - though I am trying to cut back on fics now that it's nearing the end of the semester, not sure it's working!

I loved the end of the story, especially that something happened, you know, like the rescue and the conclusion of the legal action. It wasn't just a 'everything is now fine' ending. It's a nice touch. Poor Johnny though! I know how annoying head colds are. And Gordy stuck up in five, oh dear!

Great end to the story, and I look forward to your next one, which I imagine we'll be getting some time over the summer holidays?

blacky xox
4/9/2010 c14 60Sam1
OMG! I totally almost deleted the alert for your update before I realized that it was a real alert. Work had just about fried my brain so it's not all my fault.

Anyway, glad that you're back with a new chapter even if it was the final one for this story. I'm quite sure that your determination will pay off. I'm always around if you need or want to chat.

I could just feel Alan's panic and worry for his family. Well done. It was the convo between John and Alan that was quite touching. Excellent job.

Take care, LMB.
4/9/2010 c14 14UltimateOptimist
Well hello there! Oh trust me having a sick John makes you eextreemlly worthy of a review (I have a soft spot for a sick/hurt john i admit!) A great ending to a fabulous story once again, you must get sick of me writing that but i do love your fics! And I completely understand the school thing A2's are a HUGE pain! Kat xx
4/9/2010 c14 17thunderincrimson
Oh I so loved the end of this story! As always you did an amazing job! XD

Now I'm starting to wonder what you'll do to Alan in your next story! XD Kidnapping? Another grave illness? Accident on a school trip? A rescue gone wrong? So many possibilities! XD

Take care! x
4/8/2010 c14 18shadowfox8
*Hugs LMB fiercely* You're back! I've missed you my friend! Of course I'll forgive you silly. Life is busy and when it comes to school it should come first. After all, you can't make a living off of writing on . As much as we all love writing we don't get paid. Bummer I know...

Amazing chapter as always. Yay! Alan is all better and back at it. I love how he has come to realize that his brothers will always worry about him but they are who they are and he couldn't be without them. Love that.

Poor kids, you would think after all the money they pay at Wharton that the food would be decent. Hmm...guess not huh? lol. Oh school food, it never changes...

So glad to see this have a proper ending and that you're back for the time being. Off to my inbox. Missed you so!
4/8/2010 c14 Bobbie3926
That was the best story I've every read. you rock. thanks for the story. Keep up the writing. You are amazing when it comes to writing.
4/8/2010 c14 1chocolatelover1
Nice lol Great ending!

Fit very nicely, awesome job!
4/8/2010 c14 SurviveInfinity
Is it bad that I thought this story was/has been over for the past three months?

Thanks to my sister and the wonders of Wikipedia, I now know what a dissertation is! (Apparently, Britain uses the words the other way than us good ol' Americans; Thesus (?) for PhD and Masters, dissertation for Undergraduate.)

I. Hate. Latin. Guess who's now learning the nonplural versions of Latin words? AUGH! I bloody hate Latin!

Guess which one of your (Semi-)loyal reviews this is!
4/8/2010 c14 53Jimmy Candlestick
Aha! See, I've been really really really behind on my fanfiction reads, and so haven't had the will to read them. And then, you showed up in my inbox. :) My life was made happy, and I quickly clicked on the link.

Yes, I enjoyed it. It was good to be reading your work again. No lie, I was a little worried that you had died. Thankfully, you had not. Good luck with school! -Jimmy C.
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